What’s the Deal With Belly Fat ?

Study after study in recent years has continued to deliver ever-depressing news.  Rises in obesity.  Increases in chronic health issues like diabetes, arthritis, and many forms of cancer.  Some research also touts the statistic that the current generation of 20 somethings will be the first in centuries to not live longer than their parents.  Scary […]

How to Keep Your Lean Muscle Mass Even As you Age

Every four years we are treated to the spectacle that is the Summer Olympic Games. Athletes from all over the world come together to compete and express incredible feats of strength, speed, and endurance. Competition is fierce, media coverage is excessive, and nations and their residents revel in the medal count and achievements of their […]

Low Testosterone: Where Should My Levels Be?

Testosterone is the dominant male hormone.  During puberty, testosterone helps build a man’s muscles, deepen his voice, strengthen his bones, and spur growth in the sexual organs.  Once an adult, testosterone keeps muscles and bones strong, promotes higher levels of energy and endurance, and is a major force behind sexual interest.  In short, in a physical […]