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    Symptoms of Allergies

    Depending on your immune system, allergy symptoms can range from mild to severe:

    • Mild congestion
    • Mild rash
    • Mild, localized itching
    • Severe itching of eyes or face
    • Severe hives
    • Severe abdominal pain, vomiting, or diarrhea
    • Severe swelling of mouth, throat, or tongue
    • Difficulty breathing

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    How Treatment Works for Allergies

    Your path to feeling better happens with four steps:

    1. Health Assessment
      Your Low T Center provider can test for approximately 80 allergens specific to the region — including grasses, molds, pets, insects, and some foods — with a skin test that applies pressure only (no scratches). If one area swells up and becomes red like a mosquito bite, it means you are allergic to that specific substance. The test typically takes 15 to 20 minutes. Any swelling from a reaction usually goes away within 30 minutes to a few hours.
    2. Personalized Plan
      If you show signs of allergies, your physician will create a personal allergy injection plan, administered by our medical staff. The allergy shots are designed to combat allergy symptoms by assisting your body with adapting to the allergens that trigger a reaction.
    3. Treatment Regimen
      Your treatment regimen is based on your personalized plan. In most cases, allergy shots are administered weekly. Once you receive your injection, we ask that you remain in the office for 30 minutes to ensure there are no further reactions. Injections are a treatment for allergies, not a cure, as there is no cure for allergies. But for most patients, symptoms greatly improve and may resolve over time. Low T Center’s Head of Internal Medicine and Wellness works with your provider to coordinate your wellness initiatives.
    4. Optimization and Prevention
      Once your regimen is underway to address allergy symptoms (or other underlying conditions), your provider will optimize treatment to maximize your health and wellness.

    Cost of Allergy Treatment

    Low T Center is in network with most insurance providers. The cost for allergy treatment is dependent upon your individual health insurance plan. Patients are responsible for all applicable deductibles or co-pays under the terms of their plans.

    Potential Side Effects of Allergy Treatment

    Allergy immunotherapy must be carefully performed and monitored. Drugs used in treatment have differing side effects or contraindications, so it is important that your treatment be carried out under the supervision of your provider. During your visit, your provider will discuss possible side effects of testing and treatment that are specific to you.

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    Benefits and Results of Allergy Treatment

    Treating allergies can improve breathing, help with skin ailments, reduce itching and hives, and improve your overall quality of life.

    Because Low T Center takes a holistic approach to men’s healthcare, our medical professionals can proactively address other conditions you’re currently experiencing, or could experience later on.

    Our providers get to know you on a personal level and gather important health data often to assess progress with greater efficiency.                                      

    At Low T Center, we focus on treating your allergy symptoms so you can feel better.