How The Thyroid Diet May Kick Start Your Weight Loss

The thyroid is responsible for regulating many aspects of the body. If there is a problem concerning hormone production, then it can affect heart rate, cholesterol, energy levels, muscle function, skin, hair, bowel movements, fertility, menstrual cycles, memory function, mood and weight loss. I know, that’s a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of the […]

This Is What You Must Do To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

While we all wish that there were some sort of shortcut that we could all take towards the path to complete and total wellness, there is no doubt in my mind that we would all be on board with it. The unfortunate truth is that there is no one simple solution to curing all of […]

Men – Your Growing Belly May Be Linked to Your Lack of sleep

We are inundated with images and messages trying to explain the reasons that we gain weight or get fat.  Poor diet.  Lack of exercise.  Drinking.  Stress.  But recently researchers at the University of Chicago found what appears to be a link between weight gain and men’s sleep patterns as they get older.  The study found […]

Why Your Apple Bottom isn’t Such a Good Thing

In order to simplify things and explain more easily to the general population, doctors often utilize a catchy term for someone with a big, round belly — the “apple” shape. Don’t get sidetracked with the gimmicky name, excess belly fat can be a serious issue.  “A big waistline puts you at increased risk for many […]

Do You Know What to Look For when Monitoring Your Testosterone Levels?

Men will experience a decrease in the production of testosterone as they get older, which is a completely natural part of the aging process.  Sometime after age 30, the level of testosterone produced by the male body will begin declining at the rate of about 1% annually.  Over time this decrease produces an array of […]

How to Stay Trim As You Enter Middle Age

A quick show of hands for those of you reading this:  how many of you are in your 20’s?  30’s?  40’s?  Older?  Depending on when your arm shot up, you may or may not be concerned about the subject of weight gain.  Regardless of your current age, you need to ask yourself, “How do I […]

Simple Ways to Keep Your Testosterone Levels Up

  As a man, there are some days in today’s world where you just feel marginalized.  Support groups, legislation, and cultural viewpoints seem to continuously be shifting, giving voice and assistance to seemingly ever subset of human on this earth BUT men.  Have men historically had advantages and been in positions of power?  Absolutely.  Have […]

Harmful Side Effects of Low Testosterone

  As males age, a reduction in the natural production of testosterone is a perfectly normal biological process.  According to a 2012 Mayo Clinic study, the typical male will see an annual drop in testosterone of 1% each year after reaching age 30.  While 1% may seem inconsequential, simple math will tell you that by […]

Getting the Right Vitamins To Ensure a Healthy Middle Age

In our youth, the male species can often be somewhat reckless, somewhat careless, and very spur of the moment in regards to our mindset towards……well, just about anything.  This includes many aspects of our health — leaping down an entire flight of stairs, eating five cheeseburgers at once, or staying up for 36 hours at […]