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    Part of the Dallas metropolitan area, Las Colinas is a planned community with space for luxury homes, corporate offices and upscale accommodations in suburban Irving, Texas. The Las Colinas Low T Center is located in this high-growth area and provides targeted testosterone replacement services for men, along with broader men’s wellness services, including annual physicals, sleep apnea, low thyroid therapy, treatment for hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and more.  It is friendly, convenient health care – truly concierge medicine for men.

    What Is TRT?

    Men who suffer from low testosterone often experience a number of symptoms, including fatigue, reduced cognitive abilities, increased tendency to gain weight and loss of muscle mass. Testosterone replacement therapy TRT is designed to replace the missing testosterone and to bring the body back into a state of hormonal balance to resolve the symptoms and getting you feeling good again. The team at the Las Colinas Low T Center will work with you to determine a practical way to resolve low testosterone issues and to help you feel your very best every day.

    Sleep Apnea Treatments at the Las Colinas Low T Center

    If you or someone you know frequently awakens at night with a sensation of choking or gasping for breath, these issues may be caused by a condition known as sleep apnea. Other symptoms include headaches, a feeling of not being rested, lethargy, difficulty concentrating, daytime sleepiness, and depression. Las Colinas Low T Center offers health assessment services and a simple, easy-to-use take-home sleep test that will determine if you have sleep apnea and the type and severity level. We then work with you to find the right solutions for your specific condition.

    Low T Sleep Center Details

    Feel Like Yourself Again

    Schedule an appointment online to discuss your needs with our team of medical professionals at the Las Colinas Low T Center today. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to resolve your medical issues and to help you feel your very best.

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    Your Medical Providers at Low T Center - Las Colinas

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    William Reilly, M.D., National Medical Director

    Dr. Reilly attended undergraduate school at Purdue University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering. Following undergraduate school, Dr. Reilly earned his Medical Doctor degree Cum Laude from Georgetown University Medical School, graduating with honors. Upon completion of his residency at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Reilly practiced orthopedic surgery in Texas for more than 20 years. He has served as Chief of Surgery and President of a Texas hospital governing board, and has been a design consultant for Total Joint Replacements. Dr. Reilly is a “Certified Principal Investigator” for medical research and has directed multiple medical research studies. After himself experiencing symptoms related to low testosterone, Dr. Reilly sought specialized training in Age Management Medicine and has completed multiple advanced hormone replacement courses. He established a successful age management practice, and is the National Medical Director for Low T Center.