How That Belly Fat May Be Weakening Your Bones

Osteoporosis, or bone loss, has been widely known to be a health issue affecting women as they age, especially in their postmenopausal years. Having brittle bones is commonly associated with the frail old lady you see pushing her cart at the grocery store. However, new research has found that “visceral fat,” which is located deep […]

Knowing The Danger Behind Your Excess Belly Fat

We are a nation of record keepers.  Everyone is competitive (either overtly or covertly), so it is commonplace that we reduce all things to a ranking or a score.  Comparable valuations of products, ideas, and even people, help us make sense of our world.  We make “to do” lists, then calculate how many items we […]

The Low T Conversation Has Begun

For decades in the medical community, no one spoke much about low testosterone in men or what’s come to be known as “male menopause”, since little was known about the comprehensive effects that testosterone has on the male body systems. Since this topic has become more prevalent and less stigmatized, men want to know whether […]

Are You Turning Into An Old Man Before Your Time?

Tell the truth…do you sometimes catch sight of your reflection in a store window and see your father? You may have inherited your Dad’s ears and hammertoes, and you’ve accepted them. But when you notice that you’ve lost muscle, gained a paunch, and shrunk an inch or two in height, you may believe you’ve inherited his […]