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    I received my CPAP machine about 3 weeks ago and I am extremely satisfied

    I received my CPAP machine about 3 weeks ago and I am extremely satisfied with the results just in the short amount of time of use.

    It all started when I received my confirmation text and it was followed by an information text saying that the Low-T Center performs sleep studies for sleep apnea.  I knew that I was a terrible snorer, so much so that my wife had to wear ear plugs.

    I inquired about the sleep study with your Physician Assistant Kim Swigert.  She was very thorough with explaining how the sleep study is performed, from how the machine works and how the information is obtained to get my results.  After a couple weeks of thinking about it, I decided to go ahead with the sleep study.  The device was very easy to use and it was so nice to be able to take it home instead of having to spend the night somewhere.

    I returned the device the next day and the following week when I went into get my testosterone shot, Kim explained my test results and I found out that I stopped breathing 36 times per hour.  I delayed proceeding forward but finally made the decision to get on a CPAP machine.

    The experience from there has been great.  The nurse sat down with my wife and I to explain how the machine works, fitted me with my preferred face attachment which was the nostril style.  I absolutely love the design and the overall CPAP machine.  The air hose connects at the top which allows me to turn over from my side to back with out getting the hose twisted.  The nostril attachment is light and feels normal enough that it does not effect me from getting to sleep or staying asleep.

    Each week I return for my weekly appointment, Kim goes over my sleep results and I am proud to say that I have decreased the amount of times that I stopped breathing per hour from 36 to 6.5 in about 3 weeks of use.

    My wife no longer has to wear ear plugs and I have stopped snoring all together when I use the CPAP device.

    I am getting a better nights sleep and feel more rested in the morning.  Definitely something that I would do again.

    The overall experience from the Low-T Center has been outstanding.  Kim Swigert has been amazing walking me thru this journey as well as the nurses.  I have recommended the Low-T Center many times to friends and family to get there testosterone levels checked but now I am referring them for a sleep study as well.

    Totally Satisfied,