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    The process began with an in home sleep study evaluation.

    The process began with an in home sleep study evaluation. The staff facilitated my receipt of the home test kit as well as very detail instructions on how to utilize the test kit correctly. After a night of home monitoring, I was able to return the kit to the Low T staff,  for extraction and evaluation of the results. The results of the home test were gathered and conveyed to me in a very short period of time.

    Next, was the selection of the actual Therapy device and ancillary supplies. I was provided with very detailed, step by step instruction, of the setup, operation, cleaning, and care of the device. They also took the time to explain to me the side effects of incorrect use of the CPAP.

    Upon the first night of use, for the first time in 10 years, I achieved 7 hours of sleep. My normal was 4 to 5 hours, and it was NEVER restful. The morning after my first use, I awoke, rested and refreshed and  able to complete an entire day without the occasional nodding at my desk.

    Lastly, the staff at the Low T Center are great at informing me of when it is time to order new supplies (hoses, face mask, nose pads, etc.).  The supplies are affordable, and the staff makes acquiring them a prompt and seamless experience.

    I recommend to anyone that suffers with sleep apnea to contact  Jessica and the staff at Low T Center, for a consultation.