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    I thought I was not a snorer and that I slept soundly

    I thought I was not a snorer and that I slept soundly but when the results from the sleep study came back with a confirmation that I needed a machine, I was skeptical but thought I would give it a try.  Within 20 minutes I was fitted, educated and ready to walk out…at home the set-up is simple, there is minimal maintenance and I receive on-going supplies thru home delivery.  The first few nights were a little challenging but once I got used to it, I now wake up so much more well rested and more mentally alert.  Sleeping better has given me more energy throughout the day and I am more focused at work.  It has motivated my wife to take a sleep study.

    Recently, I traveled out of the country for 2 weeks but forgot a critical piece at home which did not allow me to use the machine.  I noticed a difference in how rested I was when I was not able to use my machine.  The day I arrived home, I had an appointment…one of the first questions I was asked “Is everything OK with your CPAP?”…someone noticed I was not using my machine and I explained my mistake.  Incorporating this process in my life has been so much easier than I expected it would be.