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    My wife had been complaining for years about my snoring, which I attributed to allergies

    My wife had been complaining for years about my snoring, which I attributed to allergies. For the past few years, she was concerned that I would stop breathing during the night, often more than once. I didn’t feel anything but I did notice I often needed a nap by mid-day.  I put off getting a sleep study or seeing a doctor. Low T suddenly made it easy. Instead of going to a sleep lab overnight, I could do a home sleep study. Because I go to LowT weekly, it was all quite convenient. My test results showed moderately severe sleep apnea.  LowT provided the equipment, checked the nasal mask fit, trained me on using it. They monitored my progress weekly at first, then biweekly. They showed me how to download the “app” so I could self-monitor my progress – all very useful. If asked, they will pull up my graphs and data to review with me. They also provide periodic resupply of the filters and nose mask.

    My wife is happier and tells me I sleep better and snore a lot less. My only challenge has been when my allergies get bad and I can’t breathe through my nose – even one blocked nasal passage makes it very hard to use the CPAP.

    All in all, if LowT hadn’t made it so convenient and easy to get tested and get the CPAP machine, I would probably still be scaring my wife every night and still snoring like a freight train.  One thing I would suggest is that LowT also sell the CPAP ozone cleaner that cleans the water basin and the tubing.