Your Aging & Your Sleep

  A common misconception for males, sometimes as early as when we reach our 20’s, is that our sleep needs decrease as we age.  Wrong!  Research shows that our sleep needs stay pretty constant as we navigate through adulthood in order for us to be at our physical and mental best.  Often when we are […]

Big Bellies Could Spell Trouble For Men

We’ve all heard that classic line about men and women being from two completely different planets; I didn’t come up with it, of course, but thanks to Dr. Gray, it has become a part of the language lexicon in America today.  According to his book and research, there are plenty of sociological, biological, and cultural […]

Low T Plumps Bellies in Aging Men

We’ve all heard the term “vicious cycle” applied to many things — an on-again, off-again relationship with a drama queen, your favorite basketball team consistently missing free throws, the parent quieting a whining child with a new toy.  One action creates a corresponding reaction – which circles right back to encourage the original action.  This […]

The Truth About Your Lacking Libido – It’s Not What You Think!

If you’re a man who owns a computer, you know exactly how quickly your email inbox fills up with ads for cheap Viagra. Bit by bit, your manhood is constantly challenged in carefully-crafted subject lines and promotional offers. This sort of advertising must be working guys, because we now have a new acronym that didn’t […]