The Natural Decline of Testosterone & What You Can Do About it

  There are certain inevitabilities we will encounter as we age:  Death.  Taxes.  Rock bands holding reunion tours.  And for us men, the decline in our body’s ability to produce testosterone.  A decrease in testosterone levels is a natural function of aging.  Sometime after we pass age 30, the level of testosterone in men starts […]

How Your Hormones Directly Connect to Your Overall Health

  What once was a cottage industry a few generations ago is now a full fledged industry and phenomenon that engulfs our society – the industry of personal health and wellness products.  If you think about all of the products and services that are available to help us eat better, sleep better, workout better, have […]

Knowing Your Body : How Do You Know If Your Levels are Too Low ?

  Ad campaigns are all over the media, focusing on a subject that was unheard of for men old enough to be in our father’s generation:  the issue of low testosterone.  In recent years doctors have found themselves responding to questions and talking to more male patients about low testosterone, oftentimes without the updated knowledge […]

Eat and Drink Away Sore Muscles

  If you’ve exercised with any type of intensity during your lifetime, invariably you have experienced having sore muscles.  For exercisers, sore muscles come with the territory. Sometimes mild, sometimes severe, the feeling of soreness in your glutes, hamstrings, quads, or biceps is at best annoying, and at worst quite debilitating.  Contrary to what others […]