Hidden Benefits of Regular Exercise

You can’t escape it, the images are everywhere — from the magazine covers on the newsstand, to male athletes posing in just body paint, to the billboards in front of every apparel store in the mall — the preferred image of the American male is trending towards the extraordinarily fit.  The dichotomy that exists is […]

Get Your Mind Right With Adequate Sleep

What happens to our bodies and our brains when we sleep has often been a medical mystery.  For years, sleep was considered something our bodies forced us into, and comprehensive and accurate study of the subject was virtually non-existent.  In the 20th century, researchers started to expand their knowledge of how our sleep cycle works […]

Sleep Disorders In Middle Aged Men

Founding father Benjamin Franklin is credited with saying, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”.  This of course was uttered in the days when candlelight was the norm in the evenings, and the human body was more or less regulated by the rhythms of the sun and its […]

Lose That Stubborn Belly Fat

A flat belly and trim midsection can feel outstanding.  Who doesn’t like walking the beach in a swimsuit with confidence, turning someone’s head at the mall, or fitting into a size smaller jeans?  Everyone can certainly use a confidence boost based on their appearance.  However, there are even better reasons to keep the extra baggage […]

How To Bust Your Belly Fat

The term “beer belly” is often referred to in jest, but in reality it is somewhat of a misnomer.  Drinking beer doesn’t necessarily give you a large gut, and plenty of people have huge bellies that don’t drink at all.  Regardless of how a person’s belly does become oversized, the fact is that some serious […]