How Your Lack of Sleep is Contributing to Your Increased Risk of a Stroke

  These days we are inundated with tips and suggestions on how to live, eat, and be “healthier”.  Sometimes the information is so extensive, and sometimes so contradictory, that it is difficult to determine what to do or what suggestions to incorporate.  Diets and nutrition tips abound, the latest exercise crazes are available on via […]

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Low Testosterone Levels

  What is the first thing we do when we have to talk about something uncomfortable?  We avoid it.  Admit it, you do it too.  If we walk away and just focus on something else, the issue will magically disappear….right?  Unfortunately, the stubbornness we exude as males in these situations is counterproductive when it comes […]

Simple Ways to Keep Your Testosterone Levels Up

  As a man, there are some days in today’s world where you just feel marginalized.  Support groups, legislation, and cultural viewpoints seem to continuously be shifting, giving voice and assistance to seemingly ever subset of human on this earth BUT men.  Have men historically had advantages and been in positions of power?  Absolutely.  Have […]

Safely Preventing Sarcopenia

The medical community has long promoted the fact that certain conditions have an adverse effect on our health as we age:  cardiovascular disease, mental deterioration, and osteoporosis just to name a few.  However, a new condition is now being recognized as having major debilitating effects on health and wellness as we get older – sarcopenia, […]