What’s Causing Your Decline in Muscle Tone?

The loss of muscle in aging men is a complex and often misunderstood issue. There are many interrelated factors contributing to the cause, but the results are always the same – a decline in muscle mass and strength, which increases the risk for injury, disability, and the need for assistance to complete daily tasks. While […]

Everything You Need To Know About How Muscle Loss is Effecting You

In today’s visually oriented society, it has been said that “Muscles make the Man”.  While not an absolute truth, there is a scientific basis for associating a large musculature with the male gender.  The dominant male hormone is testosterone, and since males naturally have a much higher proportion of testosterone in their bodies than women, […]

How the Levels of Your Testosterone Are Connected To Your Energy

It comes in different forms during different stages of life — after partying too much or cramming for finals while in your teens and 20’s, up all night with babies and toddlers in your 30’s, or dealing with the house/career/family triangle of responsibilities as you reach middle age.  Sooner or later we all experience a […]

What’s Slowing Down Your Libido?

At some point in their lives, approximately 1 in 5 men will experience a loss in sexual desire (libido) for an extended period of time.  Since most men equate their self-worth and masculinity with bedroom performance, a decline in this area can trigger a very depressive response.  Until recently, men suffering from this condition were […]