Get the Numbers : Testosterone Deficiency in Men

If you are a man in your 40’s (or close to getting there), I hope that thus far in your life, the visits to your doctor have been infrequent.  If you have avoided major injuries or surgeries, and weren’t born with or have developed any chronic medical conditions (such as diabetes, arthritis, or asthma), it […]

Could You Be Suffering From Male Menopause and Not Even Know It ?

  Men who are in their 40’s, or reaching our so-called “middle age” years:  listen up, I am speaking to you.  Many of you have wives or significant others, or at the very least have adult sisters, mothers or aunts.  We all know to some degree that when women reach the end of their childbearing […]

Did You Know : Your Low Testosterone Could Be Contributing to Your Obesity

  We used to joke in high school when we looked at ourselves as young and invincible, “You’re born, you get old, then you die”.  I can’t even tell you the genesis of that statement, but we repeated it often, normally when ridiculing parents, teachers, coaches, or anyone else that we thought was stuck in […]

As Testosterone Therapy Gains Popularity

After studying 83,000 veterans with low t, researchers conclude the veterans whose testosterone was brought up to normal levels had fewer deaths, heart attacks, and strokes than the veterans who hadn’t received testosterone therapy. “We can say we have confidence appropriately selected patients will benefit,” the author concluded. Read more here:

Getting to Know the Reasons Behind Fluctuating Testosterone Levels

  Through the mass media, men today are inundated with messages about a relatively new subject – low levels of testosterone.  Twenty years ago, this subject was not a blip on the medical radar screen, and information on symptoms or possible treatments was nonexistent.  Fortunately for middle-aged males, medical research has uncovered some truths about […]

How Do You Know When Your Testosterone is Too Low ?

  The male body changes as it gets older.  You can ask any middle-aged man playing a pickup basketball game and he will tell you that.  Some changes are unavoidable – eyesight worsens, connective tissues become tighter, heart rate slows – but others can be masked or overcome, if the person knows what to look […]

Why All That Slouching is Contributing to Your Decline in Health

The first time I noticed it was when we received our pictures back to use for this year’s Christmas cards.  Each winter, as part of family tradition, we take a family photo to include in Christmas mailings, and also usually add a framed copy to our wall at home.  As I compared this year’s edition […]