Find Out Where Your Belly Fat Has Come From

No matter what you do for a living — accountant, teacher, truck driver, bartender — there are regular physical movements that you make in order to accomplish your job duties in an efficient and professional manner.  For some jobs, those may be more physically intense, and others, less so; that being said, every occupation has […]

Ditch Your Gut Or Pay The Price

The idea that abdominal obesity is the most dangerous way to carry your fat certainly isn’t a new one.  In the 1940s, French physician Jean Vague researched patients who were considered obese at the time.  He observed that some obese patients had normal blood chemistry, while some patients who were only moderately overweight showed serious […]

Why Belly Fat Is Truly Weighing You Down

If you’ve run out of notches on your belt, it is trying to send you a message; that ever-expanding waistline means you’ve got more than friendly padding.  You’ve developed excessive belly fat, and that can have serious health repercussions.  Doctors have even come up with a catchy moniker for that round belly — the “apple”. […]

The Difference Between High and Low Testosterone

Testosterone is widely referred to as the “male hormone” that’s produced by men in the testes. Women’s ovaries also produce a small amount of testosterone, but the concentration is much higher in men, and is responsible for many of the characteristics that make a man “a man”, such as facial hair, a deeper voice, increased […]