Low T Plumps Bellies in Aging Men

We’ve all heard the term “vicious cycle” applied to many things — an on-again, off-again relationship with a drama queen, your favorite basketball team consistently missing free throws, the parent quieting a whining child with a new toy.  One action creates a corresponding reaction – which circles right back to encourage the original action.  This […]

Low Testosterone: Where Should My Levels Be?

Testosterone is the dominant male hormone.  During puberty, testosterone helps build a man’s muscles, deepen his voice, strengthen his bones, and spur growth in the sexual organs.  Once an adult, testosterone keeps muscles and bones strong, promotes higher levels of energy and endurance, and is a major force behind sexual interest.  In short, in a physical […]

If You Ignore Low Testosterone, It Will Cost You

In recent years, a familiar catchphrase can be heard and seen throughout the media, aimed at the legion of men in their 40’s and above:  “Low T”.  The “T” in Low T stands for testosterone, the hormone naturally produced by males after puberty, which gives them their “masculine” qualities – muscles, facial hair, and sexual […]