Low T Center Continues To Expand With A New Location In Fayetteville, AR

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., June 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Low T Center continues to grow across the country as more men learn about the importance of having a normal testosterone level and the benefits of treatment. Low T Center offers convenient, personalized and monitored testosterone treatment for men. This marks Low T Center’s 45th location in the […]

Why Low Testosterone is Linked to Chronic Fatigue in Men

Mood swings, lack of energy, bitchiness, and decreased sex drive are common fodder for jokes and discussion among males who have had wives or significant others that have experienced menopause.  The hormonal changes that women go through during this period can manifest in all of those symptoms and more, in addition to the physical side […]

When Low Testosterone Rears its Ugly Head

  For men, traditionally the subject has been the topic of locker room humor — only under special circumstances, with understanding females (spouses, sisters, close friends) would this topic even be broached in their presence.  Overtly or covertly, men often view it as a sign of aging, weakness, and somehow some sort of disability…..and that […]

Know & Understand the Dangers of Low Testosterone

What if every time you navigated the morning commute downtown you were surrounded by thousands of vehicles with no mufflers?  Deafening noise, extra pollution, highly annoying…….and worst of all everyone seems oblivious.  They may subconsciously feel the situation could (and should) be better, but no one takes any steps to fix the issue.  No one […]