Low T Center opens two new locations in Las Vegas and Colorado Springs

In keeping up with the growing demand for treatment of low testosterone in men, Low T Center
is expanding in Colorado with the opening of a new location today in Colorado Springs. It is the third Low T Center in the state. Two Low T
Centers have been operating in Denver since last year.
Today, in addition to the Colorado Springs opening, Low T Center is also opening a new Center in Las Vegas, its first Nevada location. There
are now 25 Low T Centers nationally operating in eight states. Cities include: Colorado Springs, Denver, Las Vegas, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston,
San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Denver, Indianapolis, Nashville, Cincinnati and Columbus. The Dallas-Fort Worth based company
operates all of its Centers; they are not a franchise.
The new Low T Center is located at 5134 North Nevada Ave. in Colorado Springs, phone (719) 598-5698 (LOWT). James Day, M.D., a Board Certified
Bariatric Physician widely recognized as an expert and foremost authority in weight loss, brings his extensive internal medicine knowledge
to Low T Center as the Medical Director at the Colorado Springs center.

The new Las Vegas area Low T Center is located at 3041 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Suite 165 A in Henderson, phone (702) 758-5698 and website
www.LowTCenter.com. Thomas Oyer, MD, the Medical Director at the Las Vegas Low T Center, says the Center is bringing new methods and philosophies on the
treatment of low testosterone in men to the market. “We want to first emphasize that we do not sell testosterone, we treat testosterone
deficiency. Many people think of sexual dysfunction first on the subject of low t, but actually the number one complaint of patients at all
of our Low T Centers is fatigue followed by irritability, weight gain and loss of muscle mass. These are the first issues we address in our low
t therapy,” Dr. Oyer notes. Dr. Oyer has 40 years of medical experience in family practice, preventive medicine and wellness. His medical
degree is from Ohio State University / College of Medicine.

“We keep opening our Low T Centers in Colorado, Las Vegas and other cities because more and more men are learning about low t and how effectively
it can be treated,” comments Low T Center President, Mike Sisk. “Public education on low testosterone is gaining traction every day and men
with low t are now realizing what the common symptoms are and that you don’t have to live with it. Our treatment is innovative, it works,
and we make it fast and easy for men to get in and out.”
Sisk adds that it only takes a few minutes for a man to have his testosterone level tested and his T number revealed by the professional medical
staff at the Low T Center, and treatment is covered by most insurance.

Low T Center Continues National Expansion

Through the first quarter of 2013, the Low T Center is administering well over 15,000 testosterone injections each month and seven new locations
have opened this year. They are averaging 1,000 new patients a month, and in 2012 they administered a total of 106,782 testosterone

Founded in 2010, Low T Center has quickly evolved into a pioneering and innovative medical practice. Low T Center exclusively diagnoses
and treats men with low testosterone levels and is growing the awareness and demand for testosterone therapy. As awareness and demand
for information about testosterone therapy grows, Low T Center has established itself as a leader in treatment and public awareness. With
well over 10,000 patients across the country, Low T Center is one of the most experienced medical centers that exclusively diagnose and treat
men for low testosterone.

Know Your Testosterone Level-Number

Decades ago most men didn’t know what a PSA (prostate) level was before relentless public education and awareness drilled into the mindset
of men how important it was to know their PSA, and have it checked regularly. Legendary professional golfer Arnold Palmer, a prostate cancer
survivor, was instrumental in carrying the torch as a spokesman to make sure American men knew their PSA number.
Low T Center believes that it is now time to do the same with educating men ages 40 to 60 about low testosterone, and they are taking the
initiative. The battle cry of the Low T Center is simple: Every man should know his cholesterol level, prostate level and testosterone level. A
normal testosterone level is between 350 & 1000. Currently, 13 million men in the U.S. over the age of 40 have low testosterone levels, and
Low T Centers offer solutions for these men who typically experience symptoms that include: fatigue, decreased energy and strength, low
motivation, weight gain and even diminished sex drive. Testosterone injections not only help boost a low libido, but can also boost energy,
decrease body fat, irritability and depression. Research finds testosterone replacement can solve long-term health issues including Alzheimer’s
and heart disease.

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