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    Home to the University of Tennessee Volunteers, Knoxville, Tennessee, is also one of the access points to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This vibrant city offers plenty of employment options for residents.For men that enjoy the great outdoors and burn both tends of the candle at work and with family, hormone balances can occur. For men with diagnosed hypogonadism (low t levels), sleep apnea, low thyroid, and other health issues, or who just need an annual physical, the Knoxville Low T Center is an outstanding resource that offers help in a friendly, convenient location. This is a type of concierge medicine for men.

    What Are the Symptoms of Low T?

    Men with low testosterone levels may feel depressed, out of sorts, mentally fuzzy or fatigued on a regular basis. They often experience low libido levels and possible erectile dysfunction issues. Physical effects of low T include increased likelihood of fat retention and loss of muscle mass and tone, and loss of facial or body hair. The Knoxville Low T Center offers practical TRT solutions designed to combat these symptoms and to improve your overall state of health.

    Sleep Apnea Solutions at Knoxville Low T Center

    If you are worried that you may have sleep apnea, Knoxville Low T Center offers health assessment options that include the use of a simple, convenient home sleep test to determine if you have this condition. Sleep apnea has been implicated in loud snoring, severe headaches, listlessness and fatigue, depression and even in cases of high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues. People suffering from sleep apnea are being denied oxygen to the heart and brain continually throughout the night. It’s a serious health issue. We can design a treatment plan that works with your schedule, your lifestyle and your specific and unique set of needs.

    Feel Like Yourself Again

    Low T Center of Knoxville offers comprehensive help for men. Whether it is for low testosterone, sleep apnea, low thyroid, hypertension, diabetes, or simply an annual physical. Schedule an appointment online with our medical team today. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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    Your Medical Providers at Low T Center - Knoxville

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    Elizabeth Harding, ANP-BC

    Elizabeth Harding attended The University of Tennessee where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Ecology. She later studied nursing at Vanderbilt University where she specialized in Adult Heath and Women’s Health and earned a Master of Science in Nursing degree. Before joining the Low T Center, she practiced in the fields of pain management, women’s health, and weight loss.

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