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    • Why Does Decreased Lean Muscle Mass Matter?

      If you find yourself feeling weaker, struggling with everyday tasks, or noticing changes in your body composition, it could be low testosterone. Testosterone replacement can help your body rebuild lean muscle mass, one of the common symptoms of testosterone deficiency.  Lean muscle mass is the total weight of the muscles in your body. This muscle […]

    • Cardio vs. Strength Training to Increase Testosterone

      Excess weight is a direct contributor to low testosterone levels in men. Regular exercise can help combat this issue. Both cardiovascular exercise and strength training can support increased testosterone production; however, strength training typically yields a more substantial boost in testosterone levels, especially if you are already undergoing TRT treatment. A balanced fitness plan should […]

    • Testosterone Replacement Therapy & Your New Year’s Goals

      With the new year comes many goals and resolutions to carry with you throughout 2023. Goals like living a better lifestyle, getting healthier, losing weight, and exercising more are all great goals to have for your health and well-being. However, if you have low testosterone, it can be really hard to achieve those goals and […]

    • Testosterone Replacement Helps You Lose More Weight

      Losing weight can have many positive impacts on your health and life. Maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce your risks for many serious conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. However, if you have low testosterone, you might be more likely to gain extra weight and it may be much harder to lose […]