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    • Four Unusual Symptoms of Low Testosterone

      You may have heard of some of the most common symptoms of low testosterone, such as fatigue and a low libido. Did you know that low T can also cause issues with your skin, hand-eye coordination, hair loss and nerve pain? These are some of the several lesser-known symptoms that can be managed with low […]

    • How Low Testosterone Could Be Causing Your Sleep Issues

      Did you know that if you suffer from insomnia or other sleep issues, low testosterone could be to blame? Male hormone treatment may help address your sleep issues and ensure that you get a good night’s sleep once again. The Link Between Sleep and Testosterone Low testosterone can cause fatigue even for men who are […]

    • Misconceptions About Low Testosterone Treatment

      Did you know that low testosterone treatment can benefit you even if you are older? It is a common misconception that past a certain age, men cannot get treatment for low testosterone, but this is not accurate. There are several other common myths about testosterone treatment that you may have heard. Your Testosterone Levels Should […]

    • Low T and “Male Menopause”

      Although it may be surprising, men go through hormonal changes as they age just as women do. While it is not entirely accurate to refer to the drop in hormone levels experienced by men as “male menopause,” some medical professionals do use this or “andropause” to talk about low t and other hormonal changes in […]