Below are some patient testimonials and reviews of doctors that give great insight into the process and experience of low testosterone treatment.

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As the old saying goes, things change after 40. Sometimes, you can do everything right, but the results you expect just are not there. I was constantly fighting fatigue, taking naps where I could fit them in and struggling to lose a few inches regardless of my exercise regimen and diet. I was waking up several times a night, and at the end of the day I was very tired and irritable. The result was a less than desirable quality of life.

My wife mentioned it could be a hormone issue since I was now over 40. I went online, found Low T’s number and scheduled an appointment at one of their local clinics. Several weeks into therapy I could tell a real difference as I was experiencing better rest, better attitude, I was more focused at work and had greater energy.

—Wayne W.

I visited with their physician assistant regarding low testosterone effects on sex drive and bone density.

The staff are courteous and knowledgeable. The practice runs efficiently, and patients seem to enjoy being seen and treated quickly. Excellent service and providing progressive medical care at a high level.

—Mark Bishara MD | Medical Director
Bishara Cosmetic Surgery and Robotic FUE Hair Restoration

I have been going to the Low T clinic for about two years, and it has been a life changer for me. I tell the clinic I go to, that if you ever need a testament story, I would be glad to volunteer.

I was in Iraq for a couple of years and when I came home from an injury I couldn’t understand why I just had no energy and a host of other issues. Long story short, I had very very low T indeed. Now, I feel like a human again and have lost over 70lbs and still going. I am in the gym like I was 20 years ago. I am currently in north Afghanistan, but still stop in every time I’m in the states for R&R. I just wanted to say thanks again, for everything you’ve done.

—Jeff C.

After years of what seemed like chronic fatigue syndrome, and searching for a doctor that could actually help me, I found Low T Center to be the answer to my problem.

After being told by many other doctors that there was nothing wrong with me, it was a relief that after a few visits to Low T Center in McKinney, I could feel and see the difference. For once in many years, I now feel like I felt in my 20s, I have abundant energy, have lost over 20 pounds, and my sex life has improved significantly. All I can say is thank you, Low T Center!

—Paul R.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease after my tour in Iraq, which drains my energy level, but for the last couple of months I’ve had a lack of motivation, my energy levels are gone.

I just don’t have the same energy or drive that I used to. I had been taking natural testosterone boosters, and they did not help. I tried the gel and then the patch. Total waste of time and money. Then I heard about this place and decided to give it a shot to see if it helps. Boy, I wish I found Low T Center earlier. My energy level is back, I have lost my belly flap and I feel wonderful. I will recommend Low T Center to anyone that wants quick results and doesn’t want to beat around the bush. I have been going there now for 6 weeks and feel great.

—Pablo G.

I am a firefighter/paramedic and have been fighting age-related issues for the last several years.

First, my eyesight and crackling bones, each day a new ache or pain. Secondly, I had no energy or motivation. At age 30 I started social smoking — only smoked when I went out. Well, I became addicted to nicotine. I have always had a ton of willpower and could always lose weight, control my cravings, but just didn’t seem to have any motivation to quit smoking. Heard about the Low T Center through a friend and had mine checked. After starting treatment, not only have my energy and my sex drive improved, but I somehow found the motivation to stop smoking for good. I am very excited about my newfound life. Thanks!

—Chris E.