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    • Can Low Testosterone Be Cured?

      If you can relate to experiencing feelings of listlessness, reduced libido, or difficulty in maintaining muscle mass, you are not alone. Low testosterone is an increasingly common health management issue for men of all ages. Whether due to age, lifestyle, or environmental factors, lower than normal testosterone levels can significantly impact your quality of life.  […]

    • Low Testosterone Causes Muscle Loss

      You may have noticed that you do not feel as strong as you used to, or that you have less muscle mass overall, even though you are trying to stay fit and healthy. The culprit could be low testosterone.  Loss of muscle is a common sign of low testosterone. Research shows that decreased levels of […]

    • Increasing Your Testosterone May Reduce Stomach Inflammation

      Experiencing ongoing stomach issues such as indigestion, cramps, or bloating can be frustrating enough, but it is even worse if you have tried different medications or diet changes and nothing seems to help. There could be an underlying cause you may have not considered—your testosterone levels. There is a strong connection between hormone balance and […]

    • High Stress Makes Testosterone Levels Drop

      High stress may be having a bigger impact on your health than you realize. Stress can directly affect your body in many ways, including your hormone levels. It has been linked to a corresponding drop in your normal testosterone levels, leading to imbalance. When your hormones are out of balance, activities that require stamina, concentration, […]