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    • Sleep Apnea Treatment: CPAP vs. BiPAP

      Sleep apnea is a health condition that makes you stop breathing or breathe shallowly during the night. This can cause oxygen deprivation as well as sleep fragmentation, both of which can have huge negative impacts on your health. Sleep apnea can increase your risk for health problems like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart […]

    • Can Low Testosterone Affect Blood Pressure?

      Low testosterone is a common health condition that affects many men. Some estimate as many as 4 in 10 men over 45 years old suffer from low T. High blood pressure also affects many men and is associated with many negative health effects, primarily heart disease and stroke. There is some evidence that testosterone influences […]

    • Antidepressants Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

      Depression affects millions of Americans, with about one in ten people age 12 or older taking antidepressant medicines for either depression or anxiety disorders. These medicines can be life-saving, but they can also carry some negative side effects that affect your daily life, like erectile dysfunction (ED). Let’s talk about erectile dysfunction as a side […]

    • Testosterone Replacement Therapy vs. Nugenix® Total-T

      Testosterone deficiencies are more common as we age. Low T can zap energy, decrease libido, and cause many other health changes. Because of these issues, many men use testosterone replacement therapy to help relieve their symptoms. However, with the increased awareness of low testosterone and its negative health effects, many supplement companies have started marketing […]