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    • Circadian Rhythm: How Internal Body Clocks Affect Men’s Health

      Did you know jet lag or other things that disrupt your body clock can affect your weight, your health and your mood? A clock is not just a man-made concept. Scientists have found that the body runs with a strict internal sense of time that can cause serious issues when disturbed. If your sleep has […]

    • Wellness Tests Every Middle-Aged Man Should Take

      When did you last get tested for things like diabetes, low testosterone, high cholesterol or prostate cancer? If you’re like many men, the answer is either “never” or far too many years ago. These kinds of tests can be useful in catching and treating a condition early on, before it develops into something more serious. […]

    • Daylight Savings Time May Be Bad For Your Health

      You might be surprised to learn that switching to daylight savings time doesn’t just disrupt your sleep but might even raise your risk of heart attack or stroke. Understanding the effects of sleep deprivation and how to reduce disruptions is an important part of men’s health management. What is Daylight Savings? If daylight savings is […]

    • Male Menopause: Facts, Symptoms, Treatment Options

      Like women, men may experience a significant hormonal change in middle age. Unlike women, not every man goes through this hormonal change, but many do. Sometimes colloquially called “male menopause,” andropause refers to a drop in testosterone levels that can lead to symptoms such as fatigue and erectile dysfunction. A men’s wellness clinic may be […]