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    Showing news articles based on category Mental Health.

    • How Testosterone Affects Your Mood

      Headlines are sometimes sensational to grab attention and pageviews. Too often the headline only tells a portion of the story — if it’s even accurate at all. But here is a case where the headline matches the content. A recent study conducted by Michael Irwig, M.D., associate professor of medicine and director of the Center for […]

    • Is That Mid-Life Crisis Due to Depression?

      The stereotype has been played out countless times in movies and TV dramas: A man reaches his 40s or 50s — aka “middle age” — and a switch gets flipped. He is dissatisfied with his marriage, career, and life in general, so he begins to exhibit exotic and unexplained behaviors. He quits his job suddenly, […]

    • What’s the Reason for Grumpy Old Man Syndrome?

      At the gym the other day, I was doing my usual pre-workout warm up routine, when I noticed a male member — a guy who I see almost every time I’m in for a workout — I think in his late 60s/early 70s, pacing nervously over by the bank of treadmills to my left. Every […]

    • Understanding Middle-Aged Male Mood Swings

      Do you feel grouchy, irritable, and somewhat withdrawn? Do you find yourself slaving at work all the time — sometimes by choice? Are you drinking too much? These behaviors sometimes coincide with a general feeling of malaise or depression, which is not uncommon for men who have reached middle age. But what is the cause? […]