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    Why An Annual Physical Is Very Important to Men’s Health

    Posted: June 10, 2019

    Annual PhysicalAs many as 50% of men who die suddenly from heart disease do not have any symptoms. Unfortunately, compared to women, men are far less likely to get an annual checkup. This figure from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is only one of the reasons that an annual physical is so critical for men. There are a number of conditions a doctor will look for at these screenings that are important for managing men’s health.

    Reasons for Checkups

    Having a relationship with a physician means you can establish a baseline of readings for blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and more to measure against in the future. This makes it much easier to detect whether the results are something to be concerned about. Many conditions are treatable if detected early. For example, the survival rate of people whose melanoma is detected before it reaches the lymph nodes is 99 percent. However, in 2013, around 66% of deaths from melanoma were men.

    Another good reason to get an annual physical is that it gives men an opportunity to reflect on their health and the steps they might take to improve it. Besides lifestyle changes, men might get treated earlier for a condition such as sleep apnea that otherwise might have been ignored for years.

    Types of Tests

    Different tests will be necessary at different ages, but in addition to those mentioned above, men may want to address urinary issues and erectile dysfunction. Prostate issues are common among older men. A physician may use a number of different factors to decide whether screening for prostate cancer is appropriate. Men may experience some form of sexual dysfunction at any age.

    Another concern for doctors is mood disorders. Men commit suicide at a rate that is three and a half times that of women, and they often avoid getting psychological treatment. Doctors at a men’s wellness clinic will look for body language or other signs that men may be anxious or depressed even when men are not forthcoming about their mental state.

    Finally, men should not avoid an annual physical because they are afraid a physician will detect something wrong. Conditions that are caught early may have more treatment options and better outcomes.

    For more information on men’s health management, what kind of annual tests are needed and to book an appointment online, visit Low T Center.

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