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    The True Cost of Testosterone

    Posted: June 23, 2023

    Battling fatigue, low energy, and unexpected weight gain could mean your testosterone is low. The good news is that low testosterone can be easily treated with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). The great news is that the cost of testosterone is also more affordable than many men realize. You can receive your exact dose of required testosterone delivered directly to you at home starting at $105 per month.

    Our goal is to make effective testosterone treatment accessible and convenient for you. We will help diagnose your symptoms and suggest a course of treatments tailored to suit your individual needs. Book a consultation with us today.

    TRT is More Affordable Than You Think

    Perhaps you have been struggling with low testosterone symptoms, but have been hesitant to pursue treatment because you assume the cost of testosterone will be too high. However, effective treatment costs less than you may expect. 

    What you will pay at Low T Center:

    • One-time fee for your initial health assessment, including medically-necessary bloodwork to determine your testosterone levels – $25
    • Monthly cost for convenient self-administered testosterone injections including shipping straight to your doorstep – $105 with insurance/$155 without insurance

    The benefits of this monthly plan include prefilled syringes with your customized dose, fewer in-office appointments, and free automatic shipping for all your supplies. Not only is it affordable and convenient for most lifestyles, but it’s also an incredibly effective way to combat low testosterone symptoms.

    Low Testosterone Can Qualify as a Medical Condition under Insurance

    Man with low T worrying about the cost of testosterone

    The cost of testosterone to treat symptoms effectively is more affordable than many men realize.

    Many health insurance plans recognize low testosterone as a covered medical condition. Some insurers may also approve treatment costs if you have other pre-existing and related health conditions. Depending on your health care plan and insurance company, coverage for TRT may include full coverage or copayment.

    Most often, a plan will stipulate that a patient can be prescribed testosterone if he falls below the insurer’s diagnostic parameters for normal testosterone levels, regardless of age or symptoms. For example, the normal range for testosterone is about 300 to 1,000 ng/dl, so an insurance company may state that a diagnosis of less than 300 ng/dl qualifies for TRT. 

    Low T Center accepts various health insurance plans. Our aim is to help patients receive treatment without having to worry about breaking the bank. Because each insurer has different guidelines for approving treatment costs, our team can assist you in checking your coverage qualifications for the cost of testosterone treatment.

    Alternative Treatments Can Be Expensive and Non-Effective

    Injections are the most consistent and effective way to deliver testosterone to the body, as the hormone is able to directly enter your bloodstream. However, many men try to get the same results from two common alternative treatment methods: pellets and gels. Unfortunately, not only do these methods not work as well, but they also can cost more. 

    A Closer Look at Testosterone Pellets and Gels

    Testosterone pellets are small, rice-sized objects that are inserted under the skin through a minor surgical procedure. Over the next 90 days, your body completely absorbs the pellets. However, because the testosterone releases over such a long period of time, you are likely to start with more testosterone than you need and end below your baseline levels.  So while this method may require only four visits per year to a medical office, it may cause significant highs and lows that can affect your health and lifestyle. 

    In addition, if your symptoms are not resolving properly from the treatment, you will need to wait three months until your body absorbs the pellets before the medical team can attempt a higher or lower dose. 

    Your body can also reject the pellets, which would be extremely frustrating after paying the upfront cost for one round of pellets—approximately $1,100 on average.

    Testosterone daily gel packets come with a lower initial price tag, averaging $105 per month, but they have some serious drawbacks. One of the biggest issues with gels is that they frequently cause skin irritation at the application site. Since gels need to be applied daily, this means little relief from skin irritation. 

    The absorption rate of your skin is also difficult to measure, making it a challenge to figure out your optimal dosage. Trial and error may be required to get the dose and formulation just right, which means you may have a lot of fluctuating effects during treatment. 

    Another major drawback to gels is that they can cause health issues for others. If someone else touches the gel on your skin, they can absorb the testosterone medication, which could have a serious impact on them, particularly for women and children.

    The Cost of Low T on Your Quality of Life

    It may not be as measurable as a blood test, but the cost of testosterone deficiency on your quality of life can be significant. It can affect many aspects of your life, from your ability to think quickly and remember details to your sex life and relationships. Countless studies have shown that low testosterone in men can cause poor sleep and a general sense of fatigue, leaving you feeling drained and uncharacteristically low on energy. When you restore your testosterone levels, you feel more energized and motivated. Many men experience a major boost in mood as well as sex drive. TRT can help you improve your life and feel your best.

    Affordable Prices and Real Results from Low T Center

    If you’re struggling with low testosterone levels, there are affordable, effective solutions available to help you feel your best. Our self-administered injections program can provide the results you need at a reasonable monthly price. 

    If you suspect that you might be suffering from low testosterone, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Contact us now to schedule a consultation so you can start to reclaim your quality of life.

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