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    Disrupted Sleep Affects Your Heart Health

    Posted: March 21, 2019

    Sleep Apnea TreatmentDid you know some studies show that men who suffer from severe sleep apnea have a 58 percent higher risk of experiencing congestive heart failure? Regulating sleep is a critical part of men’s health management. Disrupted sleep can lead to high blood pressure and other serious cardiovascular conditions. Sleep apnea is one common cause of disrupted sleep, and sleep apnea treatment is important because of this link to heart disease.

    However, sleep deficiency does not have to be caused by an underlying medical condition to jeopardize health. An unpredictable work schedule, stress or any number of other situations can result in disrupted sleep.

    During a normal night of restful sleep, both blood pressure and heart rate drop. Poor sleep prevents these long stretches of lowered blood pressure and heart rate. Over time, this can lead to high blood pressure during the day.

    Connection of Disturbed Sleep and Heart Disease

    In order to discover the link between a lack of sleep and plaque buildup in arteries that is one cause of heart disease, scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School worked with two groups of mice. Both had been genetically engineered to develop plaque buildup, known as atherosclerosis. One group was allowed to sleep normally while the sleep of the other group was disrupted.

    The mice with disturbed sleep had developed many health problems 16 weeks later. They had larger arterial plaques and less of the brain hormone that regulates sleeping and waking than the other group of mice. According to researchers, the hypocretin hormone is an anti-inflammatory and prevents damage to blood vessels. Its production is disrupted by poor sleep. The study showed one of the most direct connections was between cardiovascular health and sleep.

    Fatigue, Sleep Apnea, and Related Conditions

    Unlike insomnia, some people with sleep apnea feel fatigued a lot of the time. However, these people might not realize they suffer from the condition. Unexplained fatigue should be taken seriously and discussed with a medical professional. Sleep apnea treatment may significantly reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular conditions.

    Fatigue may signal the existence of a number of other conditions as well, ranging from thyroid problems to diabetes. Men who suffer from fatigue or sleep disorders should contact Low T Center for a comprehensive health assessment. Once the condition is diagnosed, Low T Center can provide an array of services such as a sleep apnea treatment, testosterone replacement therapy and general men’s health management. To find out more information, book a comprehensive health assessment online today with your local Low T Center!

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