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    Easy Ways to Lose Weight After Age 50

    Posted: April 24, 2019

    Men's Health ClinicHave you noticed the weight seems to be piling on along with the years? Weight loss becomes more difficult as men get older because metabolism decreases with age. Along with weight gain comes other health problems. Men who are concerned about weight gain may want to visit a men’s health clinic for an annual physical and to talk about healthy ways to lose weight. An effective weight loss program has several components. 


    A number of changes in diet and approaches to eating in general can help with weight loss. Eating a higher percentage of protein spread throughout the day can help build muscle. Beans are a great but often overlooked source of protein and fiber. Alongside protein, plates should contain plenty of fruits and vegetables. Some studies have linked fasting a few times per month to effective weight loss. Paying attention to food instead of eating because of stress can help. Sugar and calorie-loaded drinks should be avoided.


    Just as the weight piles on along with the years, muscles are more susceptible to deteriorating as people age. Exercise is particularly important to slow this process. There is no reason many older people cannot lift weights and engage in other strenuous exercise such as yoga and swimming. These lower-impact options can also build muscles and contribute to weight loss. Starting a new sport can provide the camaraderie that encourages men to stick with a new exercise routine. A combination of different types of exercises, including both resistance and aerobic exercises, can provide an overall workout and reduce the likelihood of injury. Before starting an exercise program, men should visit a men’s health clinic for a men’s health assessment and checkup.


    Most people are aware of the importance of diet and exercise in weight loss, but they may not realize how important sleep is. Multiple studies have shown that overweight or obese people do not sleep as much as people with a healthy weight. A consistent structure can help ensure sufficient sleep. Men who are struggling with getting enough sleep may want to visit a men’s health clinic to see if an underlying condition, such as sleep apnea, is causing it.

    Weight gain is not inevitable as men get older, and in some cases, it can be linked to other health conditions. If you are concerned about your weight gain contact Low T Center at 866-806-8235 or schedule an appointment online today. The team can provide information on general wellness, testosterone replacement therapy, low testosterone and other conditions that may be contributing to weight gain and muscle loss.


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