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    Here Are Some Reasons Why You Are Always Hungry

    Posted: October 23, 2015

    Do you wake up feeling ravenous? Are you starving by dinnertime, even if you have eaten two proper meals that day? Do you fall asleep thinking about what you are going to make for breakfast the next morning?

    To a certain extent, these feelings are normal, but you shouldn’t feel like a bottomless pit all the time. Below are a few reasons why you might be in a state of constant hunger.

    You Need Water

    If you are dehydrated, you might mistake it for hunger. Sometimes when your body needs water, the hypothalamus thinks it needs food, so you start eating snacks to satiate that feeling, when really all you need is a tall glass of water. To accurately distinguish between dehydration and real hunger, drink fluids throughout the day, starting first thing in the morning.

    You Aren’t Sleeping Well

    Not getting enough sleep can make the hormone in charge of regulating hunger levels soar. Not only that, but the other hormone that keeps you feeling satisfied decreases. The combination of these out-of-whack hormone levels can cause you to eat more without feeling full. You may also notice a sugar craving, which is your body desperately asking for some fast energy. To keep your system in order, try to get at least seven hours of sleep each night.

    You Are Eating Too Many Simple Carbs

    Starchy, sugary carbs taste amazing. But they are terrible for you. Once in a while it is fine to indulge in a doughnut (or three); however, if you constantly eat simple carbohydrates, the cravings will only increase, causing an unhealthy cycle. Try swapping out white-flour foods for fibrous carbs such as almonds, chia seeds, or pistachios to stay fuller longer.

    You Are Stressed

    Not only does stress make you mentally want to grab that slice of pizza or eat a roll of cookie dough, but it also physically causes your body to fiend for junk food. This is due to the cortisol hormone going way up when you are stressed out. The cortisol increase makes your appetite rise, so not only does your brain think it wants that cheeseburger, but so does your stomach. To combat this feelings, try spending more time at the gym, which is a great stress reliever in itself.

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