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    How Testosterone Affects Your Strength and Muscle Mass

    Posted: November 10, 2014

    As people age, they lose their strength and stamina. The normal process of aging includes losing mass, strength, and flexibility in the muscles. It can be quite frustrating and even debilitating.

    But the experience is not the same for men and women. Recent studies have shown that as men age, they actually lose more muscle mass than women of the same age. This has led researchers to believe that the loss of muscle strength is related to the predominantly male hormone testosterone.

    Testosterone helps to build muscle mass and strength in young men. In older men, testosterone levels naturally decline, resulting in a loss of muscle mass, strength, and, oftentimes, self-esteem. In a continuation of the study, researchers discovered that older men with higher testosterone levels had less muscle loss.

    Retaining your muscle strength can help prevent many of the pitfalls that come with natural aging, such as broken bones, lack of balance, and other ailments. Testosterone can help keep the body feeling young and fit long into your golden years. A low testosterone level will not only contribute to loss of muscle and strength, but it can also cause issues such as fatigue, bone loss, and changes in sleeping patterns.

    Aging doesn’t have to equal a loss of strength. If you suspect low testosterone level is the culprit behind your muscle loss, contact your nearest Low T Center to find out for sure.

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