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    Perfect Your Pull-Up With These Effective Tips

    Posted: August 12, 2015

    Despite marketing to the contrary, many fitness machines are not necessary for an efficient and comprehensive workout. Although equipment has its place, many “standard” exercises — push-ups, squats, sit-ups, lunges — have stood the test of time because for a reason: They work!

    They build muscle, they burn fat, and they target the major muscle groups of the body. The most underutilized exercise of them all may be the pull-up.

    The pull-up is an exercise that targets the main muscles of the back, the biceps, and the forearms. The difference between a pull-up and a chin-up is the positioning of the hands: In a pull-up, the palms face away from the body; in a chin-up, they face toward it. The same muscles are engaged with both.

    The vast majority of exercisers avoid the pull-up because, yes, it is difficult. However, much of this is mental, not physical. Men who do pull-ups also do additional exercises that target the same muscles.

    Think doing pull-ups is out of your league? Wrong! You can do it, and here are some tips how:

    One of the best ways for your body to get used to the motion is the negative pull-up. Simply use a box or get assistance to start with your chin above the bar. Then, as slowly as possible, lower your body until you are in the hanging position. Hold this for five seconds before letting go. Starting here engages the muscles used in a pull-up by doing only half of it. Eventually you will get strong enough to do the upward phase.

    Once you are comfortable and strong enough, go through the entire pull-up progression, getting assistance on the upward phase — but only as much as you absolutely need. Have a spotter assist on your legs; some gyms have machines that serve this purpose. Keep working until the assistance is no longer necessary. The goal is to pull your entire body weight up to where your chin is above the bar, beginning from a fully extended hanging position.

    The pull-up is a fantastic exercise. It targets posterior muscles that we rarely use, and it can amp up any workout.

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