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    Stay Fit Even When You’re Not Exercising

    Posted: October 16, 2015

    Nothing feels better than completing a high-intensity workout. It sets the tone for the rest of the day, creating a happy, healthy mental and physical state. If you like to work out regularly, then this natural high is something that you may need to take on the day, getting you in that headspace where you feel like you can do everything.

    Unfortunately, there are some days where you just can’t get your workout in. Whether you’re sick, taking a trip, or just have some conflicting obligation, sometimes your beloved workout just isn’t in the cards. The good news is that even during extended periods of downtime there are some quick, easy, and low-impact ways you can reduce the risk of losing your conditioning.

    Get in Your Cardio

    If you are unable to go on your usual morning runs, you may be able to compensate by taking brisk walks. As long as you can keep your heart rate in the 120s, then your conditioning will be kept in tact. If you can find the time to squeeze in some sprints, then your VO2 max (the amount of oxygen you use during a workout) will be maintained.

    Become Resistant

    Resistance training is a great way to stay active during an injury, especially one that effects an ankle or a shoulder. Swimming is a popular activity used by many injured athletes, because it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on any one part of the body. Using your own body weight is another way to train without putting excessive weight on your injured area. Just being able to warm up the body on a regular basis will keep your body from becoming stiff without really stressing it out.

    Consume Healthy Foods

    It’s true that when you exercise a lot you tend to naturally make better food choices. Not being able to be active for an extended period of time may impact your diet, so it may be necessary to pay extra attention to your eating habits during your time off. By avoiding weight gain, it will be easier for you to bounce back when you start working out again.

    Don’t Guilt Yourself

    It is important to not lose your confidence during your off period. Whether it is by choice or not, sometimes you just can’t keep up your normal routine. Just know that you will get back into it soon enough, so enjoy your downtime and think of it as a time to mentally prepare for when you get back into the gym.

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