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    Stop Blaming Your Mom’s Side for Your Hair Loss

    Posted: September 18, 2014

    When you start losing your hair, life stinks. You start staring at other men’s hairlines and comparing them to your own disappearing locks. You start worrying that your hair will all be gone before you know it. You learn that stress can contribute to hair loss. You start worrying about worrying about your hair.

    In short, your life becomes an endless exercise in obsessing over your hair and how to save it. Hats start to look cool to you, and you find those late-night infomercials for hair clubs mesmerizing.

    That’s stage one, denial of your hair loss.

    Next comes the anger: Why did Mother Nature have to make me a cue ball? Why me? How come my brother still has a curly mop on his head while I have only a sunburn?

    Finally, you need to blame someone or something for your predicament. Surely you didn’t bring this whole baldness thing on yourself.

    Most men traditionally blame their thinning hair on their mother’s side of the family, only because it’s an oft-repeated urban legend. But it has no merit. Some people get the baldness gene from their mothers, some from their fathers.

    Here are some other things you shouldn’t blame for your comb-over look:


    We are born with an expiration date on our hair, and some men have more distant “best by” dates than others. But genetics alone don’t determine exactly when your hair will start falling out. It’s a combination of genetics, hormones, and environment.

    Another surprising fact of hair loss is that men do not lose hair in a linear or progressive fashion. They go through cycles of heavy hair loss and periods of remission, which may explain why your cousin swears by a snake-oil baldness cure he bought on eBay.


    It’s a common baldness myth that over-shampooing can loosen hair follicles and make your hair fall out faster. The truth is that people notice a lot of hair in the shower drain after they shampoo, so they associate it with the act of shampooing. However, it’s just part of the natural cycle of losing hundreds of hairs every day, which are replaced by new ones.


    This one is just ridiculous. Some men blame tight hats for their hair loss, but hats do not cause baldness. Baldness causes hats. Tight ponytails or cornrow hairstyles can contribute to thinning hair, but not hats.

    There is one thing that could help your hair loss: testosterone replacement therapy. Your thinning hair could be one of a number of symptoms associated with low testosterone.

    It’s easy enough to find out if low testosterone levels are at the root of your worries: Make an appointment at a Low T Center near you. A simple blood test is all it takes to determine if you are a candidate for treatment.


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