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    Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Dallas Fort Worth

    Posted: January 30, 2023

    If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area and are suffering from low sex drive, low energy, erectile dysfunction, and other symptoms of low testosterone, our team is here to help. We offer testosterone replacement therapy solutions to fit your needs and budget so you can take control of your life and start feeling better and living healthier. Treating low testosterone (low T) levels is important for long-term health and wellness, which is why we make testosterone replacement therapy easy, convenient, and affordable for men throughout the DFW area. Keep reading to learn more about our programs and why you might need testosterone.

    Man running after beginning testosterone replacement therapy in Dallas Fort Worth

    Testosterone replacement therapy can improve your symptoms of low T so you can feel your best.

    If you think you need testosterone replacement therapy, make an appointment at one of our ten convenient locations throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area.

    Testosterone Replacement Therapy Solutions in Dallas Fort Worth from Low T Center

    Our team works with you to find customized treatment options that work best for your lifestyle. We have clinics throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area so you can get diagnosed and treated for your low testosterone levels. Testosterone replacement therapy is an FDA approved treatment for low T and is clinically effective at raising levels to normal ranges and alleviating symptoms that can be disruptive to everyday life. There are a few different methods for testosterone replacement therapy, including topical gels/creams, surgically inserted pellets, and testosterone injections. Our providers generally recommend testosterone shots because topicals and pellets come with many downsides, including:

    • Poor dosage control
    • Poor medication absorption
    • Inconvenience
    • Mess

    With gels and creams, you must apply them every single day. You also need to take great precautions to avoid coming into contact with others. There are also many things that affect absorption, like suffering from dry skin, wearing clothing too soon, or getting the area wet. Pellets involve undergoing a surgical procedure to implant them underneath your skin. If you get a dose that is too high or too low, you have to wait several months before the doctor can adjust the dose to the correct one.

    By contrast, testosterone injections are simple to use, offer effective dosage control, and avoid the disadvantages of topicals and pellets. The shots are long-acting and work over several days to increase your testosterone levels. The effectiveness of testosterone injections also isn’t impacted by things like showering or wearing clothes too soon. Plus, you don’t need surgery and we can optimize your dose at any time.

    We offer testosterone replacement therapy with testo shots in our offices throughout Dallas Fort Worth and in the comfort of your home to make treatment extremely convenient for you.

    In Office Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    One option we offer for testosterone replacement therapy in Dallas Fort Worth is to come into our office for treatment. The first step is to confirm that you have low testosterone by talking about your symptoms and testing testosterone levels through a simple blood test. Once our providers use this information to diagnose you with low T, they prescribe a customized treatment plan with testosterone replacement therapy.

    Once you start treatment, you simply come into one of our ten locations throughout DFW. Getting your testosterone shot in the office is quick and easy. You’ll fill out a quick questionnaire about your health and how you’re feeling and one of our professionals will give you your testosterone injection. Then, you go about your day as normal.

    With this testosterone replacement therapy option, you also need ongoing monitoring through in office appointments. These appointments include regular labs and health assessments to look for any signs of side effects or underlying conditions that might be related to your low testosterone levels. Our providers also use information from these appointments to optimize your dose for symptom relief and treatment.

    At Home TRT in Dallas Fort Worth

    Our at home testosterone replacement therapy option is great for men who prefer fewer in office visits because of busy lifestyles, frequent travel, or just not wanting to drive to one of our clinics for their testosterone replacement injections. You still come in for a health assessment to diagnose your low testosterone and get a prescription for treatment. We will also use your time in the office to show you how to easily give yourself a testosterone shot and how to use our app so you can start at home testosterone replacement therapy.

    With our at home program, we send you a monthly kit with everything you need for your therapy. Supplies ship from our pharmacy right to your door on an automatic basis, so you don’t need to worry about reordering. When it’s time for your injection, the app will remind you and ask you a series of health questions and take your blood pressure through a bluetooth enabled blood pressure cuff. The app will let you know to proceed with your injection. Then you just give yourself a quick shot and you’re good to go.

    Our at home program still requires ongoing monitoring, including some in office visits so we can assess your health and take labs to look at your hormone levels and other health markers. During these appointments we’ll talk about your health, determine if we need to change your dose for treatment optimization, and discuss any underlying conditions that might need treatment alongside your testosterone replacement therapy.

    Many Men Need Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    What a lot of people don’t realize is that many men need testosterone replacement therapy. Yet, a lot of those men don’t receive proper treatment for their low testosterone levels. An estimated four to five million American men suffer from low testosterone, but only about 5% of them receive TRT. Therefore, if you notice any signs or symptoms of low T, make an appointment to get your levels checked at one of our clinics in the Dallas Fort Worth area. We can check your testosterone levels through a simple blood test, diagnose you with low T, and provide comprehensive treatment solutions so you can feel your best.

    Don’t Ignore These Symptoms of Low Testosterone

    One reason that many men with low T go untreated is that they don’t recognize the symptoms or they think it’s part of normal aging. However, testosterone replacement therapy can relieve many of these symptoms so you can live a normal life and feel like a younger version of yourself. Here are some signs of low testosterone you shouldn’t ignore:

    • Low sex drive
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Fatigue
    • Depression
    • Brain fog

    If you have low T, you might also notice that you have less muscle mass and more fat mass than before, as testosterone has a huge impact on body composition.

    If these symptoms sound familiar, come into one of our clinics to get your hormones tested. We make it simple, quick, and affordable to get diagnosis and treatment for your low testosterone levels and we’re one of the largest providers of testosterone replacement therapy shots in the nation.

    Health Issues Linked to Low Testosterone

    In addition to getting relief from your symptoms, testosterone replacement therapy can reduce your risk for several health complications associated with low testosterone. For instance, low T can increase your risk for conditions like diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis. Bringing the testosterone levels in your blood into healthy ranges can reduce your risks for many of these issues, so getting treatment is important for living a long, healthy life.

    Feel Your Best with Treatment Solutions from Dallas Fort Worth Low T Centers

    Our team at Low T Center is here to help you feel your best by treating your low testosterone levels. With customized TRT programs from our providers, you can improve your health and reduce your symptoms related to low testosterone. Many men discover better sex drive, energy, sexual function, and mood when they start treatment for their low T. We have locations throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area to provide you with convenient treatment options near you. Schedule an appointment now to take the first step toward better health.

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