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    The Real Reason for Your Hard, Fat Belly

    Posted: September 1, 2015

    It’s one thing to carry a few extra pounds. It’s quite another to be a man and look eight months pregnant. Even if a man has skinny legs, a flat butt, or thin arms, he can still have a belly hanging over his belt buckle that is not only large, but also hard.

    That hardness is due to an abundance of fat deep in the abdominal cavity around the internal organs, otherwise known as visceral fat. Men are particularly vulnerable to accumulating excess visceral fat, because genetically men are predisposed to storing excess fat in the midsection.

    Even though this type of belly is hard, not flabby, that hardness should not be confused with muscle or strength. A buildup of visceral fat deep beneath the surface raises the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and certain forms of cancer. Due to its proximity to organs, visceral fat, and the chemicals it produces, is readily absorbed into the liver, intestines, and bloodstream.

    To maintain health and longevity, visceral fat must be reduced as much as possible. Some simple strategies can help any man lose some this fat and slim his waistline.

    Better nutrition is one strategy. Foods that are high in sugar content, carbohydrates, and/or highly processed provide little in the way or energy or nutritional value, and excess is typically stored as fat in our bodies. Avoiding refined sugars, and adding more whole fruits and vegetables and natural lean meats, is a great place to start. Cleaner foods also provide cleaner fuel, which allows all body systems to work efficiently and regulate our metabolism.

    The positive effects of a good diet are multiplied when accompanied by a regular exercise routine. Taxing our muscles helps them maintain and grow, and the energy used assists in the burning of body fat. A routine that incorporates strength training will reduce the size of the belly and help eliminate the fat within.

    Men should also have their testosterone levels checked. Low testosterone has been linked to the accumulation of belly fat, among other symptoms, and a simple blood test can determine if you have low T. At Low T Center, we process the test in-house, so you will know on your first visit if you are a candidate for treatment.

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