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    The Truth About Your Lacking Libido (It’s Not What You Think)

    Posted: September 4, 2014

    If you have an email address, then you have probably seen plenty of ads for cheap Viagra. Bit by bit, they challenge your manhood with carefully crafted subject lines and promotional offers. This sort of advertising must be working, because we now have a new acronym: ED, short for erectile dysfunction.

    Don’t Blame ED on Old Age

    Erectile dysfunction strikes men of all ages. A 30-year-old man suffering from ED can’t blame it on aging; for that matter, neither can a 50-year-old man with zero interest in sex.

    There are many reasons a man loses his sex drive, or his ability to perform, that are unrelated to age. A frank discussion with your doctor about your sex life and related health conditions is a must.

    Is It Due to High Blood Pressure?

    It might be. High blood pressure is known to cause arousal problems in some men, but so is heart disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes. It might also be due to lifestyle choices like alcohol and drugs. Alcohol is a depressant that can kill the mood and disable your equipment. Drugs and booze make you feel like a stud but perform like a dud.

    It Might Be a Case of Low Testosterone

    More often than not, a wonky libido is nothing more than a hormone problem. When your testosterone levels drop below normal, you just can’t live up to your full potential. Testosterone is the hormone that grows hair on a man’s chest and fuels his sex drive; it’s the stuff that makes a man a man.

    Low testosterone, often referred to as low T, may be responsible for your waning interest in sex. But Low T Center can help. With a simple blood test on your first visit, we can determine if you are a candidate for low testosterone therapy. Don’t wait another minute when your manhood is at stake.

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