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    Why Male Menopause Is Not a Myth

    Posted: July 30, 2015

    Three years ago, when the weather got warmer, you got ambitious. You totally revamped your backyard, complete with a deck, patio, and fire pit — all of which are the envy of your neighbors. It was tiring, but it was hard work, right?

    Two years ago, when the weather got warmer, you thought a backyard fence might be necessary. So you dug a few holes, put in some posts, and completed your backyard oasis. Last year the front got its turn, complete with new shrubs, flowers, mulch, and landscape design.

    This year, however, you just don’t have the desire, energy, will, or motivation to maintain all of the things you’ve built, let alone enhance them in any way. Also, you’ve noticed that each year the simple tasks like mowing and fertilizing become harder, almost exhausting sometimes. You know it didn’t use to feel this way, but you aren’t sure what is causing this or why. On top of the energy drop, your waist has gotten larger, your body softer, and you seem to be wandering around in a fog at least half the week. What gives?

    If you are a male over 30 and are experiencing feelings that are similar to this, it may be related to your testosterone levels. If you have never had your testosterone levels checked, you are not alone: An estimated 90 percent of American men who have low testosterone haven’t been diagnosed, tested, or treated.

    Testosterone is vital to the success of countless systems in the male body, and when levels dip, their effectiveness is compromised. Testosterone levels will naturally decline at the rate of about 1 percent per year, and over time a deficit builds, resulting in fatigue, weight gain, muscle loss, irritability, lack of motivation, and irregular sleep patterns.

    If you have concerns, it is time to contact Low T Center. We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of low testosterone, and you will know on your first visit if you are a candidate for treatment.

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