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    • Disrupted Sleep Affects Your Heart Health

      Did you know some studies show that men who suffer from severe sleep apnea have a 58 percent higher risk of experiencing congestive heart failure? Regulating sleep is a critical part of men’s health management. Disrupted sleep can lead to high blood pressure and other serious cardiovascular conditions. Sleep apnea is one common cause of […]

    • You Could have Sleep Apnea Without Knowing It

      Do you suffer form snoring, daytime sleepiness and mood changes? These are all symptoms of sleep apnea. Sleep Apnea is a common disorder among men and women in their 30s to 70s. When episodes of sleep apnea occur, the upper airways collapse causing an interruption in sleep and berating. A study preformed in 2013 showed […]

    • How to Stay Awake When You Haven’t Had Enough Sleep

      So you had a late night. It happens. And you can’t call in sick to work because you have a mandatory meeting. Your only option is to suck it up and power through the day. Even when you are running on empty, there are things you can do to stay awake, alert, focused, and energized. […]

    • The Real Reasons You’re Constantly Exhausted

      Being tired is the worst. We’re not talking about feeling a little groggy upon waking up or wanting to take a catnap on a Saturday afternoon. We mean that can’t-keep-your-eyes-open-at-your-desk feeling. When you are that fatigued, it is impossible to get anything done. You can’t focus, you feel foggy, and your judgment is greatly impaired. […]