Why Low Testosterone Is Linked to Chronic Fatigue in Men

This was posted on June 2, 2015 in category Testosterone

Mood swings, lack of energy, bitchiness, and decreased sex drive are common fodder for discussion among men who have wives or significant others who have experienced menopause. The hormonal changes that women go through during menopause can manifest in all of those symptoms and more, in addition to physical side effects like hot flashes and […]

Is That Mid-Life Crisis Due to Depression?

This was posted on March 31, 2015 in category Mental Health

The stereotype has been played out countless times in movies and TV dramas: A man reaches his 40s or 50s — aka “middle age” — and a switch gets flipped. He is dissatisfied with his marriage, career, and life in general, so he begins to exhibit exotic and unexplained behaviors. He quits his job suddenly, […]

Understanding Middle-Aged Male Mood Swings

This was posted on February 4, 2015 in category Mental Health

Do you feel grouchy, irritable, and somewhat withdrawn? Do you find yourself slaving at work all the time — sometimes by choice? Are you drinking too much? These behaviors sometimes coincide with a general feeling of malaise or depression, which is not uncommon for men who have reached middle age. But what is the cause? […]

Low Testosterone Is Linked to Depression in Men

This was posted on November 11, 2014 in category Mental Health

As men and women get older, they experience the many side effects of aging, including graying or thinning hair, wrinkling skin, and a dip in energy levels. Women experience menopause, and with it the onslaught of hormonal symptoms. Until recently, many were unaware that men also experience hormonal symptoms as their testosterone levels naturally decline. […]