What is Hypothyroidism?

This was posted on October 30, 2018 in category Health

Hypothyroidism means underactive thyroid – your thyroid is not making enough thyroid hormone for your body. This condition can make you fatigued, have low energy, gain weight, lose your hair, have dry skin and/or constipation. Some people don’t have any symptoms at all. It can also raise your blood pressure and cause high cholesterol. You […]

Do You Fully Understand Your Male Pattern Baldness?

This was posted on August 6, 2015 in category Hair

Men face a host of physical changes as they approach middle age: loss of lean muscle, weight gain, hearing and eyesight loss, weathered skin, and thinning hair. The latter is one of the first things associated with aging, and it is so commonplace that most men don’t even think to consider a cure or alternative. […]

The Emotions That Come With Your Unwanted Hair Loss

This was posted on April 27, 2015 in category Hair

Given the choice, few men would volunteer to lose their hair. Although hair loss is a physical issue, it often comes with emotional challenges. Hair loss is seen as a sign of aging, in a culture that continually glorifies youth. When men start to lose their hair, they try to compensate for it or deny […]

Stop Blaming Your Mom’s Side for Your Hair Loss

This was posted on September 18, 2014 in category Hair

When you start losing your hair, life stinks. You start staring at other men’s hairlines and comparing them to your own disappearing locks. You start worrying that your hair will all be gone before you know it. You learn that stress can contribute to hair loss. You start worrying about worrying about your hair. In short, […]