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    • Low Testosterone, High Testosterone: What It Is and Isn’t Doing to Men’s Health

      Did you know that a man’s testosterone levels, high or low, can affect his blood pressure, his weight and his mental health? On the other hand, contrary to what some people imagine, high testosterone is unlikely to be responsible for a man’s violent behavior. However, high testosterone, though rare, can cause a number of other […]

    • Male Menopause: Facts, Symptoms, Treatment Options

      Like women, men may experience a significant hormonal change in middle age. Unlike women, not every man goes through this hormonal change, but many do. Sometimes colloquially called “male menopause,” andropause refers to a drop in testosterone levels that can lead to symptoms such as fatigue and erectile dysfunction. A men’s wellness clinic may be […]

    • Low Testosterone or Normal Aging?

      As men age, testosterone levels naturally drop by a small amount. If testosterone falls too far, however, it may cause serious side effects that could impact your quality of life. Finding the right solutions for testosterone replacement in Edmond can resolve issues caused by low testosterone. Knowing the signs of abnormally low testosterone will help […]

    • Testosterone Replacement Therapy Can Slow COPD in Men

      A new study shows that testosterone replacement therapy can help slow the progression of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Slated for publication in the journal Chronic Respiratory Disease, the study helped determine whether testosterone replacement therapy could reduce the risk of hospitalization due to respiratory disease for middle-aged and older men with COPD. “Previous studies […]