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    • Testosterone Replacement May Improve Quality of Life

      Being healthy isn’t just about living longer, it’s about living a lifestyle you enjoy for as long as possible. There’s a lot of focus on quality of life because it’s so important for your overall happiness and wellbeing. Quality of life is  how healthy, comfortable, and capable you are to take part in and enjoy […]

    • Low Testosterone May Affect Your Mental Health

      Low testosterone can cause many different symptoms, including physical and emotional. Low T often co-occurs with conditions like depression and anxiety. Therefore, testosterone may play an important role in your mental health. Many men with low testosterone levels also experience mood changes that can disrupt their daily life. Some evidence suggests that treating low T may […]

    • How Testosterone Affects Your Mood

      Headlines are sometimes sensational to grab attention and pageviews. Too often the headline only tells a portion of the story — if it’s even accurate at all. But here is a case where the headline matches the content. A recent study conducted by Michael Irwig, M.D., associate professor of medicine and director of the Center for […]

    • Is That Mid-Life Crisis Due to Depression?

      The stereotype has been played out countless times in movies and TV dramas: A man reaches his 40s or 50s — aka “middle age” — and a switch gets flipped. He is dissatisfied with his marriage, career, and life in general, so he begins to exhibit exotic and unexplained behaviors. He quits his job suddenly, […]