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    Advantages of At Home Testosterone Injections

    Posted: January 25, 2023

    Testosterone injections are a common type of treatment available for men with low testosterone. This treatment solution offers many advantages, including quick absorption, zero mess, and effective dosage control. Our patients can enjoy the benefits of testosterone injection therapy in our offices or in the comfort of their own homes through our self inject testosterone program. At home testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) may be the perfect solution for you if you’re looking for ultra-convenient treatment for your low testosterone symptoms. Of course, we understand that at home testosterone shots can seem daunting at first, but we make it incredibly easy for you to treat your low testosterone at home.

    If you’re suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone, make an appointment today. It’s the first step to living a healthier life.

    How We Make At Home Testosterone Injections Easy for You

    Man fishing with child after starting at home testosterone injections to reduce the number of in office appointments he needs.

    At home testosterone injections are the most convenient option for low testosterone treatment.

    It’s natural to be concerned about how at home testosterone injections work if you’ve never given yourself a shot before. Don’t worry, we’ve already thought of this and designed our program to teach you everything you need to know for easy use. Our professionals are also always here for you so you’re never alone with your treatment. Any time you need help, we’re just a quick phone call or visit away.

    Our treatment program includes a variety of things to help you feel confident about your treatment. Before you start the at home program, we sit with you and give you in person training for how to give yourself an injection correctly as well as include detailed instructions right in every kit.

    In Office Training for Testosterone Injections from Our Professionals

    Before we clear you for the self inject testosterone program, we do a complete demonstration in the office to make sure you learn how to give yourself testosterone injections correctly. During your appointment we’ll take you through the process step by step so you can feel confident when you give yourself a shot at home. This complete walk through from our professionals means you’ll know exactly what you’re doing once your first kit arrives.

    Even if you are concerned later down the road, just get in touch with our team and we will be here to help. We can give you instruction over the phone or have you come into the office for another in person tutorial, whatever works best for you. We’re here to make sure everything is seamless for you so there’s nothing to worry about.

    Why Consider At Home Testosterone Injections?

    Our at home testosterone injection program is convenient, affordable, and effective for treating low testosterone levels. Some of the exclusive benefits you get through our at home testosterone injection program include:

    • Automatic monthly shipments from our pharmacy to your door
    • All-inclusive kits including a self-contained travel box for used syringes
    • Remote and in office support to make therapy simple for you

    We make it easy to get and use your medicine, provide competitive prices, and also offer comprehensive treatment management all from the comfort of your home.

    Convenience of At Home Testosterone Injections

    At home testosterone injections are incredibly convenient. Once you have a diagnosis from your team and start the self inject testosterone program, we automatically ship everything you need right to your doorstep.

    What’s more, our treatment kits include pre-filled syringes with your prescribed dose so there’s no need to measure doses from a bottle or worry about getting the wrong dose. It’s already prepared and ready to go for your treatment program.

    Once you have your first kit, you can start treatment right in your home. We provide app-based monitoring that is completely remote before each injection. This reduces the number of in-office appointments you need.

    Affordability of Home TRT

    Another reason to consider at home testosterone replacement therapy through our at home program is that it’s an affordable, budget-friendly option. We offer some of the most competitive prices around so you can feel your best, whether you have insurance or not.

    With insurance, the cost to get all your supplies shipped right to your door is just $105 per month. That’s only about $24 a week to start feeling your best! This price includes all your supplies and remote treatment monitoring. You’ll just be responsible for costs for in-office appointments you need per your insurance policy.

    If you don’t have insurance or have a high deductible plan, you may prefer our self-pay option. Self-pay patients pay only $155 per month. That’s about $36 a week. This includes all your monthly treatment supplies, remote monitoring, as well as required lab testing and office visits you need. This ultra-affordable plan makes it possible for men to get the treatment they need even without insurance.

    Effective Treatment Management

    One thing many men worry about with at home testosterone injections is that they won’t get the same level of attention from their healthcare provider. However, with our program, we offer complete monitoring services so there’s no need to worry. Before every injection, you check in through our app. This app will remind you when it’s time for a shot, ask you some questions about your health and symptoms, and check your blood pressure through a bluetooth enabled blood pressure cuff. The app will even help you keep track of which thigh or hip to use for your TRT injection.

    Our self inject testosterone program also includes monitoring through routine office visits and labs so we can monitor for any potential side effects, adjust your dose as needed, and check for any underlying conditions that may need treatment. Therefore, we offer a complete program with quality treatment management even for at home treatment solutions.

    Why We Prefer Testosterone Injections for At Home Treatment

    Testosterone injections have a lot to offer for treating your low testosterone levels. We usually recommend injections because they’re easy to use, effective, and studies show that a lot of men prefer them to other options.

    Testosterone Injections are User Friendly

    Some home testosterone medicines involve applying topical creams and gels. However, these can be incredibly difficult to use and also may not be as effective at increasing testosterone levels in your blood.

    Gels and creams can be really messy, leaving a residue on your hands after application and even sometimes causing grease stains on your clothing. What’s worse is that you will transfer the gel or cream to others if they come into contact with your arm, which is normally where the gel is applied. This can cause serious side effects for others, especially women and children.

    Perhaps worse than the potential mess and transferability of testosterone gels and creams is that many men find them less effective than testosterone injections. There are many things that reduce the absorption rate of the medicine, including simple things like applying it to the wrong area, putting clothing on too soon, coming into contact with water, or even just suffering from dry skin. These can all reduce how well the gel or cream works. You also have to apply it every single day, whereas testosterone shots last longer to increase your testosterone levels.

    So just to recap, other testosterone therapy modalities are:

    • Inconvenient
    • Difficult to use
    • Potentially dangerous to those around you
    • Less effective
    • Restrictive of normal activities

    With testosterone injections, there’s zero mess and they’re super easy to do yourself. It just takes a couple of minutes and you’ll maybe feel a pinch during the shot. Then, you can just go about your day. You don’t have to worry about anyone touching the injection site or cleaning up extra gel or cream off your hands, you just give yourself a quick shot and you’re good to go.

    Testosterone injections go right to the bloodstream, so they are incredibly effective at bringing your testosterone levels into normal ranges. As long as you give yourself a shot according to your treatment plan with your optimized dose, you’re getting a treatment that works well for your low testosterone levels.

    TRT Injections Have a Higher Treatment Adherence Rate

    Another reason we typically prescribe testosterone injections is that they tend to have a higher adherence rate, meaning men are more likely to keep using them for treatment compared to other options like gels and pills. One study from 2022 found that men were significantly more likely to keep with their treatment program over time with injections compared to using testosterone gel and oral testosterone. Two of the most commonly cited reasons for stopping testosterone gel and pills were that they were inconvenient and ineffective.

    Testosterone injections are really convenient to use, especially with our at home testosterone program. There’s no mess and they are clinically effective because they go right into your bloodstream and get absorbed there. Also, our providers can easily adjust and optimize your dose to bring your testosterone levels into healthy ranges and relieve your symptoms.

    Why Low T Center is Your Best Choice for At Home Treatment Solution for Low Testosterone

    As one of the largest treatment providers for low testosterone in the country, we offer one of the most extensive at home testosterone replacement therapy programs available in the nation. We have revolutionized at home testosterone injections to make sure you have access to exceptional treatment solutions to help improve your health. In fact, thousands of our patients use our program to give themselves testosterone injections every single day.

    A problem with a lot of home TRT programs out there is that they aren’t actually prescribing testosterone replacement therapy. Some just give you over-the-counter supplements that claim to boost testosterone levels. However, these aren’t regulated or tested and have little to no scientific data to back them up. You could be taking a sugar pill and have no idea because the FDA doesn’t regulate vitamins and supplements.

    Other online companies may even prescribe off label medicines. Off label means it’s not FDA approved for that condition. For instance, some companies like Roman prescribe , which is an infertility drug for women. Some online companies prescribe this off label for men with low T, claiming it increases testosterone levels, though it doesn’t work for many men.

    The only FDA-approved treatment for low testosterone is testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone replacement therapy has decades of research to support its use for men with low testosterone. When you choose Low T Center for at home testosterone therapy, you receive real testosterone replacement therapy with scientifically recognized medications. We prescribe medicine based on the results of your testosterone test to personalize treatment to you.

    With our at home testosterone injection program you get:

    • FDA approved treatments for low testosterone
    • Advanced remote and in person monitoring
    • Treatment optimization from our team
    • Comprehensive monthly supplies kit
    • Ongoing support from our healthcare team
    • The most affordable prices around, with or without insurance

    Start At Home Testosterone Replacement Therapy Today with Low T Center

    Our team is here to help you feel your best. Low testosterone can cause symptoms like fatigue, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, depression, and increased fat mass. We offer convenient, affordable, and effective treatment solutions through testosterone replacement therapy, with ongoing monitoring to optimize your treatment. Our providers offer both in office and at home treatment options to suit your needs and lifestyle. If you like the sound of all the advantages we’ve discussed about our self inject testosterone program, make an appointment now to get started.

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