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    Drop Pounds Successfully With These Diet Rules

    Posted: October 9, 2015

    Did you know we are genetically predisposed to binge eating? Biologically, even just being around food causes us to have a physical reaction that we equate with hunger. It makes that self-control thing tough when trying to lose weight

    Here are a few ways to help you overcome both physiological and psychological challenges during your weight-loss journey:

    • Stay full. Feeling hungry is the main cause of breaking a diet. Controlling your hunger can be done by managing what you eat and when you eat it. Figure out how many calories you should eat daily, and spread that out throughout the day with three meals and two or three snacks. Make sure to eat every two or three hours to keep your metabolism up.

    • Eat the right foods. It is best to eat foods that are low in fat but high in fiber and protein. Nourishing, lean proteins like chicken and fish will keep you feeling satisfied. However, don’t discount healthy fats. Avocado, hummus, and coconut oil can help with your digestion and fill you up until your next meal.

    • Clean the cabinets. Do yourself a favor and just get rid of the temptation. Throw away the unhealthy food in your house, so when you do experience those cravings, the food isn’t there for you to grab. It is easier to curb those cravings when you have to drive somewhere to buy the junk food.

    • Think thin. Stop focusing on what you can’t have and start thinking about what your goals are. Once you begin thinking about the end result and how much healthier you will be if you follow through, it will be a lot easier to resist temptation.

    When you begin a weight-loss regimen, it’s important to set rules for yourself and stick to them. You can even write them out and put them in a place you can see every day. No fried food, no sugar after dinner, bread only in the morning — whatever your rules are, take them seriously.

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