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    What Your Eyes Are Telling You About Your Health

    Posted: May 13, 2019

    Men's Health ManagementDid you know that your eyes can reveal conditions ranging from diabetes to multiple sclerosis to high cholesterol, hypertension and more? One study even found a relationship between the condition of retinal blood vessels as people age and their cognitive health. The condition of those blood vessels may be indicative of the condition of blood vessels in the brain. Eyes can be a vital diagnostic tool in men’s health management.

    Stress and Strain

    You are more susceptible to illness if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Minimizing stress and avoiding too many long hours of work are important. The eyes can be one of the first places where these signs of stress and strain manifest. Tearing up as a result of dry eyes can mean too much time looking at screens while a lack of adequate rest can leave your eyes puffy and red. Stress can cause your eyes to twitch. These may seem like minor conditions, but adequate rest and dealing with stress appropriately are keys to men’s health management.

    Signs of Trouble

    Some eye conditions that you may first detect yourself might indicate more serious conditions. Blurry vision can be an early sign of diabetes. A white ring around the iris can be a benign condition of aging, but it may also indicate high cholesterol. If there are specks in your vision, you could have a detached retina. While rare in adults, yellowed eyes can indicate jaundice, and that can mean hepatitis or problems with the liver or bile ducts.

    What Doctors See

    Other conditions that the eyes may reveal generally cannot be detected by you but might be noticed by a doctor or during a regular eye exam. For example, a doctor may notice damaged blood vessels in the retina that could indicate hypertension. A buildup of plaque may affect the eye’s vascular structure and prompt a doctor to do further testing. When a person develops multiple sclerosis, the optic nerve’s appearance may change. Chronic conjunctivitis can indicate the presence of sexually transmitted disease while autoimmune conditions can cause inflammation in the eyes.

    If you think you might have diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and showing symptoms in your eyes, you can visit Low T Center’s website at www.lowtcenter.com and make an online appointment. Low T Center may also be able to help with other aspects of men’s health management, including sleep disorders and testosterone replacement for men with low T.


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