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    How to Get Rid of Male Breasts

    Posted: November 10, 2014

    For men, one of the worst things in the world is looking down and seeing the dreaded padding beneath your shirt: man boobs. Known as gynecomastia, the condition occurs for a couple of different reasons. Sometimes enlarged male breasts simply mean you need to hit the gym a little harder. Other times they can be indicative of something more serious.

    The science behind gynecomastia is basically that your body has more estrogen than it needs. Our bodies work on a delicate balance of hormones. In men, this balance includes the obvious male hormone testosterone and the less obvious female hormone estrogen. When hormones are balanced, the body functions at its optimal level; each hormone does its job as expected. If testosterone and estrogen levels fluctuate, problems are sure to follow. One is gynecomastia.

    How do men get too much estrogen? Most of the time, too much estrogen is the direct result of too little testosterone. Testosterone naturally diminishes as men age, but low testosterone levels in younger men are becoming common. Low testosterone can cause the breast tissue to swell, become sore, and grow — much like female breasts.

    Compounding the issue, male breast enlargement is often accompanied by overall weight gain. This can further contribute to low testosterone levels, which in turn leads to increased estrogen and the development of breast tissue. The cycle, if left unchecked, can cause men unnecessary shame and embarrassment about their no-longer-rock-hard bodies.

    Most men, when faced with growing breasts, seek treatment or advice. This is a solid course of action, because male breast growth due to low testosterone may only be the beginning. Low testosterone levels have also been linked to muscle loss, weakness, fatigue, and many other unpleasant and unwanted symptoms.

    With a quick blood test, Low T Center medical providers can determine if low testosterone is causing your gynecomastia. If so, you can get the treatment you need to feel like a man again.

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