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    How to Pump Up Your Energy After 40

    Posted: September 18, 2014

    Do you suffer from a lack of energy? Have you lost interest in sex? Everyone gets pooped from time to time, but if you’ve been feeling blah for weeks or longer, you don’t want it to turn into full-blown depression. There are a few possible reasons you have lost that pep in your step.

    Iron Deficiency

    Men who suffer from iron-poor blood are in a chronic state of fatigue. They often experience pale skin, shortness of breath, dizziness, and tingling in the hands and feet. Because more women than men are anemic, this underlying cause of low energy often goes undetected. Guys who follow a vegetarian diet are more prone to iron deficiencies, which lowers your resistance to infections while also sapping your get-up-and-go. Make sure you are eating enough iron-rich foods, such as lean meats and seafood, leafy greens, beans, and nuts.

    Sleep Difficulties

    If you’re losing interest in sex, it may be a case of sleep deprivation. And sleep deprivation is not what you think. According to researchers, sleep deprivation occurs anytime you get less than seven hours sleep in a 24-hour period. Men who try to squeeze more hours out of the day by burning the candle at both ends may find they have no spark left to keep the fire alive. Anyone who doesn’t get deep REM sleep will have trouble concentrating throughout the day, and potentially fall asleep on the job.


    Having an underactive thyroid leads to extreme fatigue, weight gain, and sensitivity to cold. If you have all three symptoms, a simple blood test will tell you if your thyroid is working properly. In the U.S., only a small percentage of men are affected by hypothyroidism, but it’s still worth considering as a cause of your fatigue.

    Low Testosterone

    As men get older, their bodies produce less testosterone. Because testosterone is the source of your virility, when you start losing it, you also lose energy, muscle and bone mass, and hair. If you want to regain that youthful energy, contact Low T Center and get your testosterone level checked.

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