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    How to Stay Awake When You Haven’t Had Enough Sleep

    Posted: October 30, 2015

    So you had a late night. It happens. And you can’t call in sick to work because you have a mandatory meeting. Your only option is to suck it up and power through the day.

    Even when you are running on empty, there are things you can do to stay awake, alert, focused, and energized.

    Get Out of Bed

    When your alarm goes off, the best thing to do is get right up. Do not hit the snooze button or take the morning off. That will throw off your sleep cycle even more, which will only cause more late nights. Getting up on time, even if it’s only after three or four hours, is the best way to get your body back on track.

    Get Some Sun

    Getting into direct sunlight is the best way to immediately calibrate your body. If you can’t get any natural light, then turn on all the lights in your house.

    Get Some Fuel

    Next, coffee is in order. The caffeine will wake you up, temporarily increasing alertness. Even just the smell of the coffee beans can ease sleep-deprivation symptoms. (Another cup of coffee would be fine after lunch — just do not drink it too late in the afternoon, or the caffeine could keep you awake at night.)

    Drinking a big glass of water can also wake you up. Most of us wake up dehydrated, which can add to fatigue, so immediately drinking water will help give you a boost of energy.

    Make sure you eat breakfast. Fill up with oatmeal or other complex carbs that not only keep you full, but also provide a slow release of energy.

    Get a Nap

    If you have the time, squeezing in a 30-minute catnap can greatly improve your mood, alertness, and performance. If you can’t get a full 30 minutes, even just a 10 minute snooze can feel restorative.

    Get a Walk

    As important as rest time is, it is just as important to be physically active. Take a walk during lunch to get your blood flowing. This should be enough to get your through the end of the day, and if you still need some help, take deep, repetitive breaths until you are invigorated enough to finish that expense report.

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