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    5 Causes of Reduced Energy for Males

    Posted: November 12, 2014

    You’re pressed for a deadline at work. You’re corralling your kids in the supermarket. You’re trying to stay ahead of the mountain of leaves piling on your lawn. You’re asking yourself, didn’t I just do this load of whites? If you are an adult male over 30 with a life, commitments, and responsibilities, you invariably have experienced feelings of intense fatigue and exhaustion.

    What causes these episodes, and more important, are any of these causes preventable? Let’s check the list of common reasons an adult male may experience a reduction in overall energy:

    • Poor diet. The foods we eat are the fuel for all of our body systems. The wrong choices may leave the body sapped of fuel to perform.

    • Poor sleep patterns. The body grows and rejuvenates a great deal when we sleep. A reduction in necessary rest time can cause the body and mind to feel lethargic.

    • Lack of exercise. Although it may seem counterintuitive to “spend” energy in order to increase it, in a nutshell, that is how our bodies work. A sedentary existence slows down the engine in our body, and regular exercise amps it up. Too much couch time can easily promote that dragging feeling.

    • Stress. Stressful times in our lives, whether isolated or chronic instances, can wear down the body and deplete our energy.

    • Low testosterone. As men reach age 30 and beyond, testosterone production in the body begins to diminish. Testosterone helps with bone density, lean muscle mass, sex drive, and much more. Once testosterone production begins to drop, all of the above will begin to diminish, eventually resulting in feelings of lethargy and fatigue.

    So what to do? Committing to a healthier diet, a regular exercise routine, proper sleep, and reducing stress are all within our control. Many options, recommendations, and programs exist to motivate men to make changes in those areas of their lives. However, if all that is done, and energy levels still seem less than ideal, now what do you do? That is when Low T Center can help.

    The medical professionals at Low T Center assist men with the diagnosis and treatment of low testosterone. A simple blood test is all it takes, and within your first visit, you will know if you are suffering from low T and what treatment options exist to restore your energy and vitality.

    If you suffer from consistent bouts of fatigue, lack of motivation, lack of energy, or lack of just feeling like “you,” find a Low T Center near you, or make an appointment online.

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