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    Misconceptions About Low Testosterone Treatment

    Posted: October 2, 2019

    Low Testosterone TreatmentDid you know that low testosterone treatment can benefit you even if you are older? It is a common misconception that past a certain age, men cannot get treatment for low testosterone, but this is not accurate. There are several other common myths about testosterone treatment that you may have heard.

    Your Testosterone Levels Should Be Checked

    One myth is that it is safe and healthy to start low testosterone treatment without a blood test that confirms whether you have low T as long as you have typical symptoms, such as fatigue and a low sex drive. However, even men who have these types of symptoms need a blood test to be sure. Getting supplemental testosterone when testosterone levels are already normal could actually put a stop to the body’s normal production of the hormone. The reason for this is that if the pituitary can tell that there is testosterone in the bloodstream, it will stop producing the hormones that cause the testicles to make more of it. However, with a blood test that confirms low testosterone, testosterone replacement therapy can be a safe treatment that helps men feel better.

    Candidates for Low T Treatment

    There are several misconceptions about testosterone replacement therapy and who would or wouldn’t be a good candidate for low T treatment. A doctor will look at a man’s overall health before prescribing TRT, and there are certain health conditions that can mean that someone is not a good candidate for the treatment. Men should talk to their doctors about any health concerns they have before ruling out the possibility of low testosterone treatment.

    Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Urinary Health

    Another misconception is that TRT will worsen urinary health problems. A doctor will take any health issues into account when prescribing low testosterone treatment. However, a study conducted by researchers in the department of urology at Northwestern University in Chicago found that testosterone replacement therapy was not significantly harmful to men’s urinary health. In fact, those on TRT actually showed some improvement compared to the control group.

    Low testosterone treatment can be a safe, effective remedy for a number of symptoms caused by low T, including depression, weight gain, fatigue and decreased sexual desire. For more information on getting tested for low testosterone and the benefits of low testosterone therapy, make an online appointment with us at Low T Center today.

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