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    5 Libido Boosters That Work

    Posted: September 10, 2014

    Nothing makes a man feel old like a decrease in his libido, and it can happen any time in his life. Libido has little to do with a man’s age and more to do with his state of mind. In some instances, a low sex drive may be due to a medical issue, poor diet, or disease. But in most cases, your libido can be kicked into high gear with a few easy steps.

    Here are five libido boosters that really work:

    Alcohol in Moderation

    A guy who is stressed by a long day at the office will find that one drink can melt away those knots and let his hormones take over. We stress moderation, because alcohol is a double-edged sword: One drink is perfect for lubricating the libido, but several drinks can easily kill your party.


    We’re not talking about the Stamina Stud capsules situated near the cash registers at convenience stores. Certain foods are also chock-full of love power:

    • Oysters are well known libido boosters due to a high zinc content, which is essential to fertility.
    • Hot chili peppers contain capsaicin, which increases circulation to get your blood pumping.
    • Salmon and walnuts keep sex-hormone production in good form for increased stimulation.


    If you exercise moderately but regularly, you’ll reap the double benefit of increased blood flow to your love-making organs and elevated self esteem, which always boosts libido.

    When you’re overweight, it’s difficult to feel sexy. It’s also difficult to get your blood to your nether regions because of blood vessel disease.

    Medical Check-Up

    This one is definitely a no-brainer: Have a doctor test your testosterone levels. Low testosterone, or low T for short, is at the root of most male performance problems and libido issues. After all, testosterone is the male hormone that puts hair on your chest and it controls your libido, so it only makes sense to top off the stuff  if you want to go from dud to stud.

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