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    Celebrate Prostate Health Month This September

    Posted: September 3, 2019

    Men's Health AssessmentDid you know that September is Prostate Health Month? The aim of the month is to raise awareness about prostate cancer, raise funds for research into prostate cancer and encourage men to get a men’s health assessment that includes a screening for prostate cancer, known as a PSA test. Skin cancer is the only type of cancer that is more common in men than prostate cancer. The good news is that early detection greatly improves treatment outcomes. This is why it is so important for men to be aware of their prostate health.

    Go Blue For September

    There are a number of different ways to raise awareness of prostate cancer during the month of September. Light blue is the color that symbolizes the fight against prostate cancer, and ribbons or wristbands can be worn as conversation starters to talk to others about the importance of getting tested for prostate cancer or to support organizations with donations. September is a great time for communities or offices to get involved in fundraising or other initiatives to benefit Prostate Health Month.

    Facts About Prostate Cancer

    Prostate cancer is a slow-growing form of cancer. Although it is often not fatal, men should not allow this to make them complacent about prostate cancer. Prostate cancer becomes dangerous when growth becomes more rapid or when it spreads beyond the prostate. With efforts such as Prostate Health Month, researchers hope to find a cure for the disease.

    Detecting and Treating Prostate Cancer

    Symptoms of prostate cancer may include difficulty urinating or frequent urination. However, in many cases, men have no symptoms.

    This is one reason it is so important to urge men to schedule an appointment with a medical professional to talk about testing for prostate cancer. Based upon risk factors and other considerations, men and their doctors can decide whether to proceed with testing. A PSA test is the first step in detecting abnormalities, further investigation may be necessary to determine whether prostate cancer or something else is the cause of symptoms.

    The organizations involved in promoting Prostate Awareness Month recognize prostate health as a critical part of men’s wellness. For more information on a PSA test and other aspects of men’s health management, make an appointment online today with Low T Center. In honor of Prostate Health Month, comprehensive health assessments are only $79 throughout September.

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