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    Surprising Facts About Testosterone

    Posted: August 30, 2019

    Testosterone Replacement TherapyTestosterone replacement therapy has been on the rise over the last decade. For example, from just 2010 to 2013, the number of patients receiving testosterone nearly doubled from 1.3 million to 2.3 million. While some men might never experience symptoms as a result of low testosterone, for many men, testosterone replacement therapy can lead to renewed energy, a higher sex drive and a feeling of greater well-being. However, there are still many misconceptions and gaps in people’s knowledge about testosterone.

    Testosterone Does Not Cause Aggression

    There is a common misconception that testosterone makes men more aggressive or violent, but studies do not support this. Aggressiveness can actually be a symptom of low testosterone. Some studies do link higher testosterone with more competitive behavior, but it does not appear to cause men to be violent.

    Some people may also be surprised to learn that testosterone and a healthy diet are linked. In fact, diet and exercise can be one way to keep hormone levels balanced. According to one study, vegan men have higher levels of testosterone than men who eat meat.

    Low T Can Happen At Any Age

    In general, younger men have more testosterone. The hormone generally starts to decline when men are around 30. However, young men can also suffer from low testosterone, and TRT may offer benefits to men of any age whose testosterone is low. Type-2 diabetes, sleep apnea and obesity are all factors that can lead to low testosterone.

    Testosterone’s Long History

    Testosterone is not just a hormone that is found in humans, and in fact, it has been around even longer than animals with backbones, first evolving 500 million years ago. Before testosterone was understood, many people associated the testicles, where testosterone is produced, with its effects. Throughout history, unusual experiments with animals have been carried out in an effort to understand and harness the power of testosterone. However, it was 1935 before testosterone was synthesized for the first time.

    The Effects of TRT

    Low testosterone treatment from a men’s low t clinic can make a big difference in a person’s health. Increased energy, a revitalized sex life, clearer thinking and more muscle mass are just a few of the effects of testosterone replacement therapy.

    To get your testosterone tested and for more information about testosterone replacement therapy, make an online appointment today with Low T Center.

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