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    Testosterone Gels Can Be Dangerous to Your Partner or Kids

    Posted: May 16, 2024

    From testosterone injections to pills and gels, there are many options out there that aim to boost your testosterone levels. Not only can these vary in terms of how effective they are, but some may even pose risks to others around you.

    For example, many men choose testosterone gels for their convenience. But did you know that gels can accidentally transfer to your partner or children? This poses potential health risks to women and children as it can cause their bodies to experience spikes of testosterone outside of their normal hormonal balance.

    We believe your health and the health of your family shouldn’t be compromised. That’s why we specialize in testosterone injections. Unlike gels, injections provide a safe and consistent way to deliver the testosterone your body needs.

    Want to learn more about safer testosterone options? Schedule a low testosterone appointment with Low T Center and discover how we can help you feel your best without putting your loved ones at risk.

    Low Testosterone Symptoms Can Affect Your Relationships

    toddler with man who is receiving safe testosterone injections

    Unlike gels, testosterone injections can treat your low testosterone without any associated health risks to family members.

    The symptoms of low testosterone can seep into your relationships and change how you interact with your family. 

    • Irritability and Mood Swings: Low testosterone can make you feel short-tempered and emotionally unpredictable. 
    • Reduced Energy and Motivation: Chronic fatigue and low motivation can make it harder to enjoy activities with your kids or to participate in family outings.
    • Decreased Libido: A dwindling sex drive can affect your relationship with your partner.
    • Feeling Depressed: Low T-associated mood changes can lead to feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and withdrawal. This can make it difficult to connect with your family and share positive moments.
    • Weight Gain: The unexpected weight gain often experienced with low testosterone can lead to a negative self-image, which can impact your interactions with others.

    When left untreated, these symptoms can make it increasingly difficult to be the engaged partner or parent you want to be. This is why many men seek out treatment options, like testosterone gels. Unfortunately, when it comes to this specific option, it could end up being harmful to the people you care about.

    Potential Dangers of Testosterone Gels

    Testosterone gel doesn’t just vanish once applied. Even after it dries, residue remains on your skin, transferring easily to your partner or children through simple skin-to-skin contact like hugging. For young children, even coming into contact with towels or sheets might expose them to this powerful hormone. 

    Continuous exposure to small amounts of testosterone can have serious consequences, especially for women and children. The severity of these symptoms depends on the amount of testosterone exposure, duration, and individual sensitivity. 

    Women may experience:

    • Unwanted hair growth
    • Acne
    • Irritability
    • Irregular periods
    • Deepening voice

    In pregnant women, testosterone exposure can even disrupt the development of a male fetus. 

    Children exposed to testosterone have increased risk of:

    • Premature puberty
    • Stunted growth
    • Behavioral changes

    Given the potential impact of these risks on your family, the convenience of testosterone gels may simply not be worth it.  

    Testosterone Injections – The Safer Choice

    Sweat, showering, and even how you apply a gel affect how much testosterone actually enters your system. This inconsistency can mean those much-needed benefits of TRT are not fully realized. Sometimes, absorption can be too high, putting you at additional risk for side effects like elevated red blood cell count and mood swings. With daily application, accidental misses are also more likely, leading to fluctuating levels of testosterone in your body.

    Testosterone injections offer a distinct advantage over gels: they put you in control and significantly reduce risks to those you love. When testosterone is injected directly into your muscle, it goes straight into your bloodstream where it’s needed. This eliminates the messy topical application and the potential for skin-to-skin transfer that comes with gels.

    Injections provide the most reliable way to get the exact testosterone dose your body needs. This means steadier levels in your system, leading to optimal results and reduced risk of side effects from fluctuating hormones. 

    Opting for injections isn’t just about improving your own health. It’s an act of care for your partner and children. Choosing a safer TRT method protects them and allows you to focus on getting the most out of your therapy without worry.

    Convenient At-Home Testosterone Treatment 

    Self-administered testosterone injections might sound intimidating at first, but they are actually incredibly easy and convenient. You can receive your pre-filled, precisely dosed testosterone syringes directly at your doorstep each month. This allows you to manage your TRT in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

    No more time-consuming doctor’s office visits—with a bit of practice, most men easily become comfortable self-administering their injections. The injections are quick and virtually painless, and with only one needed per week, you have more freedom and less daily hassle compared to gels. This means you can focus on feeling better and getting back to what matters most in your life.

    Safe, Effective Testosterone Injections from Low T Center

    The potential risks associated with testosterone gels shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you are ready to prioritize both your health and the safety of those you love, testosterone injections offer a superior solution to address your low testosterone symptoms.

    At Low T Center, we’re committed to providing you with a safe, personalized, and effective TRT experience. Our approach combines convenient at-home injections and ongoing support to empower you on your health journey. Book your initial appointment now.

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