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    The Benefits of Low T Treatment for Shift Workers

    Posted: August 12, 2019

    Low T TreatmentIf you do shift work, did you know it could interfere with your production of testosterone and have other serious health effects? Low t treatment may help with some of the conditions caused or exacerbated by shift work.

    Shift work may involve working nights or it might involve alternating shifts. It is any kind of work that is outside of the usual roughly 9 to 5 workday. Physicians, nurses and other medical workers, flight attendants and factory workers are some of the professions that may be at higher risk for developing health conditions as a result of shift work.

    In general, it is not the shift work itself that causes health problems but the disturbances to sleep and to an overall regular routine. The work hours disrupt the circadian rhythm, and the result can be higher incidences of high blood pressure, stroke, depression, and anxiety.

    Urinary Issues

    Many men who do shift work may suffer from urinary issues. This includes urgent or frequent urination, stopping and starting or a weak stream while urinating, and nighttime urination. It is possible that some of these issues could be relieved by getting on a regular sleep schedule. Urinary issues may sometimes indicate more serious problems, so even shift workers who think their problems are because of their irregular schedule may want to visit a men’s clinic to have them evaluated.

    Low Testosterone

    Symptoms of low t levels include erectile dysfunction, weakness, low energy and a low libido. Some studies have found that men who do shift work suffer more from these types of symptoms than men who work a more regular schedule. Low t treatment may help manage these symptoms.

    Other Issues

    Insomnia and other sleep problems caused by shift work can lead to a host of other issues. Poor cognitive functioning, including a greater likelihood of making mistakes, and a general decline in quality of life may result from working irregular or unusual hours. The disruption can affect hormone production resulting in low testosterone, increase the likelihood of diabetes and depress the immune system.

    Whether or not they are shift workers, men who are suffering from sleep disturbances, who have symptoms of low testosterone or who simply are not feeling well may benefit from low t treatment. To find out more information about low testosterone treatment, make an appointment online today with your local Low T Center.

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